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Cohan Medley. Great fun. George Jessel. Originally recorded in the early s, there are a number of rolls rarely heard today, and some that were never included on Biograph discs of the s. They were recorded from a different perspective of ragtime piano performance than we now know. From a bevy of requests comes this first in the series of Del Wood reissues, covering her initial recording of Down Yonder and other honky-tonk classics for Tennessee Records.

Most cuts have never been on an album, much less a CD. Biographical information as well, plus an essay on the unlikely hit, Down Yonder. A ragtime treat. The second in the series of Del Wood reissues covers her frequent recordings for Republic Records and some Decca sides up through late There are a few rarities here, many of which were not on LP, and none on CD until now.

A few rarities here, some of which were not on LP, and none on CD until now. The fourth in the series of Del Wood reissues covers her first stereo releases in and , the beginning of her more thematic albums. Includes bonus tracks which were not on LP or CD until now. The fifth in the series of Del Wood reissues continues in with a couple more of her interesting thematic albums. Some extras are included here, most of which were not on LP, much less CD until now. This first volume of Marvin Ash highlights one of the more under-recorded ragtime, stride and jazz pianists of the s to the s.

It includes most of his known recorded piano solo output plus a couple of extraordinary piano roll transcriptions, with different versions of some pieces showing just how versatile this artist was. This second volume represents much of the recorded ensemble work that Marvin Ash either fronted or worked as a sideman.

Even his shorter solos bear significance on the overall attitude of the pieces, as does his tasty backing work. Still a bit damp behind the ears, I went over to Purdue without finishing high school. The war was in full blast and my idea was to establish a place to come back to after military service: and this plan worked out well.

While the war was on, the place was quite austere and Cary Hall men's residence hall was almost completely taken over by the Navy V I was fortunate to get one of the few civilian spaces. Cary Club, the residence hall's extracurricular and social arm, was not functioning because of the war disruption. On my return in , the whole university was quite a different place: an interesting mix of various age veterans and recent high school graduates.

The vets, many of whom had just seen a little more action than a Big Ten football game, were anxious to get their lives going in a serious way, while the high schoolers tried to restrain their remaining adolescent behavior a bit out of respect for the more experienced veterans.

Again I was able to get into Cary Hall, because of my previous residence. But now Cary Club was going and all sorts of new activities were encouraged. Everything from stamp collecting on up or down. But someone had to take the initiative to start each sub-group.

Whoever wished simply posted a bulletin to organize an activity. Jovial jazz fan Charles Chuck Marsh put up such a notice to form a jazz club. The meetings were to take place in the large lounge below the two towers of Carey Hall.

There were no stated limits as to jazz styles, but the word "jazz" then did not have the same generic meaning which it does now. Unlike now, people generally understood that it was not the same thing as "popular music", and was not something that could be heard all over the radio dial.

At meetings, different people would discuss a group or an individual artist, bring records to show, etc. For example, one older member brought his collection of Armstrong Hot 5's which he would own only if an original OK label issue. There was low interest in the jazz club initially, but persons started coming in from other residence facilities and fraternities. One such individual, Carl Ziggy Zaisser, showed up to our delectation.

In the center of this very large lounge where we were meeting was a large Steinway grand piano. Ziggy was a fraternity member, a PE major, and a jazz pianist of professional ability. His father was a piano teacher of high reputation in the New York-New Jersey area.

Ziggy seemed almost as anxious to play for us as we were to listen. His favorite tune was "Cherry", and he had played at Condon's on occasion and was devoted to that style of jazz. It didn't take long for other individuals who played instruments to start appearing to sit-in, although there really were none with his talent.

Besides, pianists don't need anyone else when ability is in short supply. But this was the start of group playing which did provide pleasure for listening members and some satisfaction for those with the temerity to arrive with an instrument.

Ziggy was mostly indulgent so long as he got his solo time. He was never to appear in a public performance with other jazz club instrumentalists and was never a member of the Salty Dogs or its predecessor formed groups.

Mush Dick Mushlitz and I had been at the meetings from the start. He even then played with his characteristic powerful and accurate rhythm on washboard. We became close personal friends and have remained such through considerable time and space. On one university break, Mush not only acquired a banjo, but considerable ability in playing it.

Insurance documents, AFM contracts, etc. Publications, clippings, promotional, show tickets ca. Stereoscopic society newsletters, documents Color photographs; black-and-white photographs, negatives. B [ss]. B Miscellaneous ca. Radio broadcasts: Transcript from "Cowboy Kids" radio play Reel 1 [early s? Reel 2 [early s? Reel 3 [early s? Reel 4 [early s? Reel 5 [early s?

Reel 6 [early s? Reel 7 [early s? Reel 8 [early s? Reel 9 [early s? Reel 10 [early s? Reel 11 [early s? Reel 12 [early s? Reel 13 [early s? Reel 14 [early s? Reel 15 [early s? Reel 16 [early s? Reel 17 [early s? Reel 18 [early s? Reel 19 [early s? Reel 20 [early s? Reel 21 [early s? Paper 7 [Clancy Hayes Bob Scobey?

Reel L [s? Reel T [s? Conditions Governing Access. Clancy Hayes paper reels, reels [early s? Clancy Hayes tapes, reel A Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel B Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel C Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel D Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel E Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel F Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel G Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel H Undated.

Clancy Hayes tapes, reel I Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel J Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel K Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel L Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel M Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel N Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel O Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel P Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel Q Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2A Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2B Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2C Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2D Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2E Undated.

Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2FF Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2G Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2H Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2I Undated.

Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2J Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2K Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2L Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2M Undated.

Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2N Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2O Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2Q Undated. Clancy Hayes tapes, reel 2R Undated. Wabash Ave. Clancy Hayes, McGoon's Denver, CO Reel 2 Clancy Hayes Special: X-mas Hayes special - to Bill Dyer from Clancy Undated. From Clancy Hayes - big band hits Undated.

Clancy being interviewed for a radio show [early s]. Clancy interviewed for radio Clancy interviewed Undated.

Dubs of Paper Tapes, Reels [s? Private tape and Armstrong [s? At Earthquake McGoon's Clancy Hayes compilation CD-2 [s? Helm 80th birthday photo album Carol Leigh? Ray Skjelbred? Party - Weldon Kees Bob Helm playing originals with vocals, reel 4 Pre "Follies," reel 7 Bob Helm Weldon Kees, reel 6 Weldon Kees - piano rags, Weldon's flat, Filbert St. San Francisco, CA, reel 11 Kees-Helm, 1 Kees-Helm, 2 Weldon Kees Rehearsal dub from reel bulk.

Poet's Follies, Fugazi Hall rehearsal Kees Helm Undated. Creole Rice and Helm in New Orleans At Charlie Campbell's Birthday Party Bee Thorpe and Helm Session at Earl Scheelar's with Bob Helm on tenor sax Bob Helm, Carl Lunsford, et al. Nicasio Stompers Rybski's Masochists Helm, Chas.

Thompson at Geo. Knoblock's House Bob Helm's 80th, Pt. Bob Helm Session, Pt. Together Again, Santa Nella Unlabeled tape from Bob Helm's personal files Undated. At Mahogany Hall Leon's Bob Helm Session mix down Bob Helm Tapes 6 Undated. Three Rivers Bear Rasslers Undated. Rehearsal, Leon's house: Leon, Helm, Chas. Lu Watters and Bob Helm interview Bob Helm interview by Bixby ?

Helm interview Buchanan, Helm, and Rose discussion , 1 Buchanan, Helm, and Rose discussion , 2 Buchanan, Helm, and Rose discussion , 3 II Annals of Jazz with Dick Hadlock - "Discourse of clar. EDJB, B2 Bob Helm's Jug Board 5 - Campbell's gallery jam Helm 1 Helm 2 Helm 3 Helm CD 1 mastered Helm CD 2 mastered Bob Helm tapes Robert Helm, A Lifetime of Music Jazz performance photos; headshots of Turk Murphy, Bob Helm ca.

Portraits with clarinet; live performance photos ca. Family photos; live performance photos; Ed Lawless photos of Hambone Kelly's ca. Portraits of Bob Helm with clarinet and saxophone by Ed Lawless - Family and vacation photos: "Columbia, CA; Larkspur" Tour photos - St.

Turk Murphy Jazz Band, family photos ss. Vacation photos - Spirit of London Alaskan cruise Family, vacation photos; jazz performance photos ca. Bob Kay Helm; family photos; jazz performance photos - Family photos, vacation photos, some jazz-related ca. Thanksgiving weekend Photo collages of exhibit about San Francisco jazz history Portraits of Bob Helm - Birthday photographs Harrah's cars [I] undated.

Harrah's cars [II] undated. Portraits of Helm's dog Ginger undated. Family photos; photos of antique cars; photos sent by Stellan Obert Swedish traditional jazz record collector - Jazz performance photos Jazz performance photos; photos of Helm signing autographs; family and friends; Helm with pet birds undated.

Bob Helm with Le Goulon artwork undated. Autographed mounted black-and-white photograph of Bob Helm playing clarinet Undated.

B or B undated. Color glass slides ca. Color slides: "Short Bx2C - Bx4" ca. Color slides undated. General With Sue Sweet of Houghton Mifflin Weldon Kees-related correspondence and newspaper clippings With Margo and Terry Rieman With Hal Smith, Le Goolon [i. Le Goullon], etc. Miscellaneous correspondence Houghton Mifflin contracts and legal documents Houghton Mifflin royalty statements Houghton Mifflin Company Annual Report Various manuscripts and documents related to Bob Helm and others.

Arrangements by Helm, personal notes, repertoire lists and other documents. Lu Watters [? Ann Hayes Bob Helm Handwritten drafts of liner notes and articles Type drafts of "The Great Jazz Revival" Liner notes for "Ma Bessie" Reviews of "Ma Bessie" Handwritten notes for preface to "Meet Me at McGoon's" [? Writings, drafts of liner notes undated. Handwritten notes for Houghton Mifflin books ca.

Helm and Bee Thorpe Houghton Mifflin Helm, Bee Thorpe, and Peter F. Neumeyer Houghton Mifflin Abrahams Black and white galley proofs of artwork for Houghton Mifflin books ca. Houghton Mifflin pamphlets Houghton Mifflin publications correspondence, materials Houghton Mifflin permissions and sources Hand-drawn book by a child: "The Golden Age of Jazz" undated.

Photocopies, galley proofs, and original material for Houghton Mifflin books [I] Photocopies, galley proofs, and original material for Houghton Mifflin books [II] Materials related to Houghton Mifflin editor James Moffett Old Sacramento Dixieland Jubilee: Sacramento Jazz Jubilee Dixieland Monterey Santa Rosa DixieJazz Festival Stern Grove Festival Northern California [I] Northern California [II] High Society 9.

Empty Bed Blues Cakewalkin' Babies Atlanta Blues Smokey Mokes See See Rider Hyacinth Rag My Honey's Lovin' Arms Come Back Sweet Papa Take Me to Land of Jazz Irish Black Bottom. Save for Later. Georgia Bo Bo Song previews provided courtesy of iTunes. Join our , fans. Similar Artists. How to Order. International Shipping.

Return Policy. Order Items by Catalog. View Catalogs Online. Safe Shopping Guarantee. Buy a Gift Certificate. Customer Reviews. Contact Info. Privacy Policy. Send Feedback. Forgot Password? Sign Out. Email Subscriptions. The program was drawn from the New Orleans-based work of King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton and others associated with the emergence of jazz in the first three decades of this century.

In , Mr. The Hot Music Society of San Francisco brought the band into the Dawn Club on Annie Street, behind the Palace Hotel, where the group became a local sensation and a magnet for traditional jazz fans around the world.

Nov 08,  · Provided to YouTube by Rhino Atlantic Waiting for the Robert E. Lee · Wilbur De Paris That's A Plenty ℗ Atlantic Recording Corp. Vocals: .

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of New Orleans Shuffle on Discogs. Label: Columbia - CL • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Jazz • Turk Murphy's Jazz Band - New Orleans Shuffle (, Vinyl) | Discogs.
  2. New Orleans Shuffle was the sixth and final Columbia LP by trombonist Turk Murphy and his popular group; none have been reissued on CD. The music is typically excellent for Murphy, including veteran standards and songs associated with Louis Armstrong in the 8/
  3. Jan 01,  · Waiting For The Robert E. Lee, a song by Turk Murphy on Spotify. Featured on New Orleans Shuffle. More by Turk Murphy. New Orleans Jazz Festival. Oz Turk Plus! Turk Murphy's Jazz Band Favorites (Vol. 2) Turk Murphy and His San Francisco Jazz Band in Concert, Vol. 1. Turk Murphy and His San Francisco Jazz Band in Concert, Vol. 2 Music Duration: 3 min.
  4. Feb 21,  · Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Waiting For The Robert E Lee · Turk Murphy The Best Of New Orleans Jazz ℗ Master Classics Records Released on: Auto-generated by.
  5. Jul 06,  · 78_waiting-for-the-robert-e.-lee_turk-murphys-jazz-band-turk-murphy-bob-scobey-bill-n_gbiaa Location USA Run time Scanner Internet Archive Python library Scanningcenter George Blood, L.P. Size Source 78 User_cleaned Shaun Kinney User_metadataentered Perry Longo User_transferred Perry Longo.
  6. Turk Murphy's songs: Listen to songs by Turk Murphy on Myspace, New Orleans Shuffle. 0. Of All the Wrongs You Done to Me 0. Drop That Sack. Turk Murphy. New Orleans Shuffle. 1. Waiting for the Robert E. Lee. Turk Murphy. New Orleans Shuffle. 0. Gone Daddy Blues. Turk Murphy. New Orleans Shuffle.
  7. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Turk Murphy's Jazz Band at the Discogs Marketplace. Explore. Discover. Explore All Und Seine Jazz-Band, Turk Murphy's Bay City Stompers, Turk Murphy's Dixieland Band, Turk Murphy's Frisco Jazz Band, Turk Murphy's New Orleans Jazz Band, GTJ LP Turk Murphy's Jazz Band: Turk 2.
  8. Shop New Orleans Stomp [ORIGINAL RECORDINGS REMASTERED] 2CD SET by Turk Murphy (). Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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