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Hospital admissions triple in the capital in a fortnight but are still Rishi Sunak's furlough replacement: How does the Job Support Scheme work, who is eligible and how much will Denmark, Iceland and Slovakia are all added to the Government's travel quarantine 'red list' as Transport Britain braces for 65mph winds and heavy 'persistent' rain tomorrow - with Family's Chow Chow-cross Teddy mauled day-old boy to death while mother was on toilet and father was Tatler unveils its pick of the best school dinners in England - from Millfield's roast pork loin to Supermarket rationing is BACK!

Loo roll and hand gel are among restricted items as Tesco, Aldi and Morrisons More than 40 Tory coronavirus rebels -and some Labour backbenchers - join forces to compel Boris Johnson to Ad Feature Could turmeric tablets give your pet a new lease of life?

These people are teaching their old dogs and cats Has Rishi's latest rescue done enough to help the small businesses, pubs, restaurants and self-employed Rishi Sunak's 'pay as you grow' plan to help businesses survive yet MORE months of misery by extending loan Shocking moment police officers drag passenger off busy London train for refusing to wear face mask Boots suspends booking for flu jabs amid 'unprecedented demand' after Britons were told to get vaccinated to New 'traffic-light' lockdown system that will send automatic alerts to phones is set to be used to trigger This sweet acoustic song embodied the popular love songs of the early s.

In this song, Howie Day sings about a girl whose personality is the complete opposite of his. But this can also apply to your girlfriend if you one day intend to marry her, and you started falling in love with her at first sight. Not every relationship is perfect, and there will be times when the easier thing to do is to give up. Sadly, despite his adamant refusal to call it quits, they still ended up breaking up. Songwriters from over half a century ago would make their songs as general as possible to cater to a wider audience.

However, more modern songwriters add a bit of a personal flair to their songs by making it obvious who the song is about. Very little else. It was released on Zoo Entertainment in The album was ranked at number 61 on Paste magazine's list of "The 90 Best Albums of the s". Sweet recorded Girlfriend in , following his divorce. He later said to Rolling Stone , "It's funny how the album ended up showing everything I needed to feel.

Everything I needed as an antidote is there. The album includes guitar contributions from Richard Lloyd , formerly of the band Television , and Robert Quine. Michael Azerrad of Rolling Stone wrote of the sound: "Equal parts anguish and elation, the heavily autobiographical Girlfriend plays Sweet's impeccable pop sense off noisy, passionate guitar work, recalling the Beatles ' Revolver , early Neil Young and Television. The album's production style was very stripped down and sparse, with wide pans and no reverb used on any tracks.

On some tracks, notably "Divine Intervention," the drums were highly compressed and panned completely to one side of the stereo spectrum, in a move reminiscent of George Martin and the Beatles. The cover of the album features a photograph of actress Tuesday Weld from the late s. The tracks "Evangeline" and "Your Sweet Voice" were both followed by the sound of a vinyl outgroove and a phonograph needle lifting off a record, which was meant to signify the end of each side of the album as though it were an LP thus making the final three songs on the album to be, conceptually, considered bonus tracks.

The song "Winona" was named after actress Winona Ryder , [6] while "Evangeline" is sung from the point of view of Johnny Six from the comic book Evangeline. Released in October , Girlfriend is Sweet's most commercially and critically successful album to date, with The A.

Club labeling it the best power pop album of the s. In , the album was remastered and released under the "Legacy Edition" label, [22] with three bonus tracks originally released on the "Girlfriend" single, subtitled "the superdeformed CD", and also available on the Japanese version of the album , plus a second disc of home demos, live versions and session recordings called Goodfriend.

Subtitled "Another Take on 'Girlfriend'", Goodfriend was a promotional CD partly distributed through Sweet's fan club, and was not commercially released until the Legacy Edition.

The latest editions to the collection include a shortbread cream tiramisu and Monte Carlo black forest biscuit. The black forest flavoured Monte Carlo combines two classic indulgences in one, with two decadent chocolate-flavoured biscuits surrounding vanilla cream with a sweet raspberry coating. The reimagined shortbread cream biscuit encompasses flavours from tiramisu with a cocoa and roast coffee cream filling between two delicious chocolate shortbread biscuits.

The latest editions to the collection include a shortbread cream tiramisu pictured and Monte Carlo black forest biscuit that will be sure to satisfy foodies. Arnott's marketing manager Claire Brycki said: 'Consumers have loved our first three flavours - Iced VoVo Lamington, shortbread cream mud cake and scotch finger Salted Caramel Tart — so much that we decided to release two new additions to our dessert inspired biscuit range.

The black forest flavoured Monte Carlo combines two classic indulgences in one, and has two decadent chocolate-flavoured biscuits surrounding an elegant piping of vanilla cream with a raspberry coating.

The original Monte Carlo and shortbread cream will remain available in Arnott's biscuit range and will not be replaced by the new flavours. Other flavours part of the dessert-inspired range include Iced VoVo Lamington, shortbread cream mud cake and scotch finger salted caramel tart. The Lamington flavoured Iced Vovo consists of a delicious biscuit base, topped with chocolate fondant and raspberry jam - all sprinkled with desiccated coconut.

A high and a low note played at the same time on stage will reach every listener simultaneously, as will multiple harmonics of the same note. A pulse of sound will not be distorted by ringing or cone break-up. It is the lack of time-domain distortion that makes live music sound great and good speakers sound good.

Yet Consumer Reports plods on with their cheapo spectrum analyzer and white noise generator. Absolute Sound will show you just how passionate people can become about music in their homes.

If you have the patience to dig through back issues, you might appreciate the Saga of the IRS. These speakers came in four towers, each about eight feet tall and festooned with ribbon drivers. They looked and weighed like veneered chunks of an Aegis missile cruiser.

They also sounded really bad. Harry kept searching for ever-mellower s-style tube amps to round out the screechy high end of the IRS. Meanwhile, he'd ask how all the other stereo magazines could judge, say, preamps if they didn't have the IRS? Absolute Sound writers tended to sycophantically note that they couldn't give the last word on some tonearm because their pathetic home system lacked the resolution of Harry's with the IRS.

Then one day Harry brought home a pair of Quads. Not the "new Quads" from with the fancy time delay lines. No, the "old Quads" that they'd been selling by the tens of thousands since the s.

Harry had the honesty to note that "you know, in the midrange, these Quads sound a lot better than the IRS.

However, remember that the writers are toy-loving guys who get all their equipment free to try and for half price to buy. That means they don't adequately account for the fact that many smaller audio companies have no chance of staying in business and haven't thought about how to service what they make.

Recordings Sheffield Lab and Chesky Records are the canonical audiophile labels. Sheffield's direct-to-disk recordings from the s and s represent the best sound that has ever been distributed to consumers. Harmonia Mundi is a great French label with a lot of well-recorded early music. Their US subsidiary also imports a lot of labels with great sound, e. Among the mainstream classical labels, I find that the most consistently good sound comes from Philips.

Their recording engineers insist on monitoring every recording with a pair of Quad electrostatic speakers and it shows. Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab specializes in finding excellent rock and jazz master tapes. They recently built their own factory for pressing super heavy LPs they also sell gold-plated CDs. Selling High-end Audio Most folks on eBay won't recognize a high-end audio brand name from five year ago. XM Satellite Radio XM Radio is a system in which receivers pick up channels of music and information from a satellite in the southern sky.

Commercial broadcast stations, to be fair to their stockholders, must maximize their number of listeners at all times. This leads to formats such as Top 40, Classic Rock, or Boring Baroque at the locations on the dial formerly occupied by concert music stations. Things that appealed to only a small number of people, such as Bluegrass, Chinese, Folk, Indian, Jazz, non-Baroque classical music, etc.

In the mids, however, the public radio stations decided that their sole objective would be maximizing revenue. This was an effort to maximize the number of listeners, and therefore donors, at all hours of the day. The only stations left broadcasting unpopular forms of music are college radio stations, where presumably the kids haven't yet completed enough business classes to realize the evils of spinning Folk albums. A subscription-based service, however, stands this kind of logic on its head.

With channels, spectrum isn't particularly scarce. XM need not care if the Bluegrass Junction channel isn't attracting mainstream yuppies. Note that this isn't a new idea. The digital cable TV system operators have been offering many channels of commercial-free music, practically for free, on their systems for some years.

But the XM system gives you channels, mostly commercial-free, in your vehicle, where you're probably cut off from the Internet and other sources of entertainment, distraction, and information. Sound quality is comparable to CDs or MP3s. The main classical channel is less Baroque-heavy than commercial stations, though sadly the "VOX" opera channel seems to be devoted almost exclusively to Handel oratorios and baroque operas. Classical music is tough to progam because people are either in the moood for an intellectual challenge or they are not.

An ideal classical music service would offer the following channels: a familiar stuff, playing what most commercial classic stations play, heavy on Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Schumann instrumental works, Brahms, b full operas, playing one opera right after another with commentary in between the acts to tell you what was happening and scrolling lyrics through the front panel of the receiver , c challenging stuff, playing the late Beethoven quartets, Stravinsky, Bartok, modern composers, and d low dynamic range stuff, playing music that doesn't go up and down in volume too much or is compressed, to facilitate listening in noisy automobiles.

Mostly XM Radio classical is the familiar and boring. But when you actually want to relax with some background music they'll surprise you unpleasantly with Hindemith. The most painful thing about XM Radio are the annoying "house ads" on allegedly commercial-free stations.

Suppose that you've parked the receiver on " Classics" for a few months. Every 30 minutes or so you'll be reminded "this is XM Radio", "Channel , the greatest music from the last years", etc. Sometimes these commercials stretch to 30 or 60 seconds. Ads on local radio stations sometimes inform you of products or events that might interest you. This contrasts sharply with the music that comes with most digital cable TV services. The cable TV folks don't even introduce the pieces, leaving that to an on-screen text display.

But what will drive you up the wall most about the ads on the "commercial-free" XM stations is that the ads never change. The ads that were annoying on hearings 1 through in Texas in November were excruciatingly painful on hearings through in Alberta in July McDonald's ads can be annoying but at least they change every month. Customer service involves waiting in a minute phone queue and then speaking to a group of folks that will make your local telephone monopoly seem friendly and customer-oriented enough.

XM the company has apparently figured out how to make radio listening as painful a consumer experience as cable TV or cellular telephone. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain their "customer is always wrong" attitude in the face of competition from Sirius. We cancelled our subscription. The user interface is brilliant. It is amazing that the Japanese have learned so little about how to make audio equipment over the years.

You hardly ever have to touch a switch, much less refer to a manual. The only problem with the unit is that it sounds terribly muddy. The ducted woofer gives you a a bumped up "one-note" mid-bass.

In the grand Bose tradition, I don't think there are any tweeters. So you don't hear any highs. Supreme Court. It seems that Consumer Reports said that Bose's speakers sounded bad and that the sound image appeared to float around the room. The Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment protected Consumer Reports's opinion that the speakers sounded bad but not that the sound appeared to float.

I don't have that many CDs. What few that I do have were getting scratched from handling. I was tired of having to load up a 5-disc CD changer before every party. I thought that buying a CD jukebox would solve all of these problems. The disks wouldn't get scratched from handling because they'd stay in the jukebox. The convenience would be staggering.

I went to one stereo shop and the fellow said "You must buy the Pioneer-brand jukebox. The Sonys all break after a few months. I bought the Sony: Day 1: Remove all of my disks from their jewel boxes and put them into jukebox.

Place liner notes into special Sony-provided binders such that the liner notes for Disk 37 is in position 37 in the binder. Finally after 20 years, the audio companies realized that they could put the title of the disk on the disk. This is known as the CD Text standard. My fancy new jukebox can read this information. However, I am soon to learn that not one of my disks is encoded with this information.

Thus, my only way of knowing what is in the jukebox is what is in the binders. Day 1. Day Jukebox fails. The carousel rotates with snapping and grinding sounds before giving up. The front door won't open. My disks are trapped inside. Day I finally get around to sending the unit back to Sony, with disks inside. Day ish: Sony finally gets around to returning the unit. It comes with an impressive service order showing the parts replacement that they diligently performed.

They were very careful also to remove every disk from the unit and lovingly wrap each one in plastic. There was a note explaining that they did this so that the disks wouldn't get broken in shipment. The first thing that I noticed was that the disks were completely out of order; the Sony warranty center had made no attempt to preserve the disk order.

The second thing that I noticed is that the disks had been damaged, presumably by all the grinding and snapping. In fact, some disks were snapped cleanly in half topologically i. Before I contemplated the dreadful thought of sorting all of the disks and reinserting them into the player, I decided to test the machine with one disk. It couldn't play it. Mechanically, it is vastly superior to the Sony in that it is able to actually grab a disk and play it.

Sonically, after a few minutes I notice that the Pioneer is vastly superior to the Sony jukebox and it has a digital output. My only complaint: Pioneer makes you mail away for binders to hold the liner notes.

These were free for me and they are leather and therefore nicer than Sony's plastic binders, but really the machine is useless without them so they ought to be in the box. Day or so: The Pioneer is still working flawlessly. The allegedly repaired Sony is back in my basement, still in a box. Send me email if you want it Text and pictures copyright Philip Greenspun philg mit. First, your preference for LPs. Numerous tests, to which you do not allude, have shown that frequency response beyond 20khz is not audible, and that, in double blind testing, few, if any people, can discern any "difference" between audio sources whose only difference is response above 20khz.

More depressingly, after about age 30, males' ability to hear cuts off around 16khz, not Women generally are more sensitive to high frequencies than men, but still can't detect anything above 20khz under the best of conditions.

It is pretty much undisputed that CDs contain far more information than LPs. People didn't switch to CDs just because they were more convenient - they switched because they sounded better and were more revealing.

When digital signal processing is correctly employed, as it is by Theta Digital, for example, there's no contest. Digital blows LPs away. I also do not agree with your appraisal of Audio Research. As Peter Aczel editor of The Audio Critic has noted, Audio Research was the first company to realize that you can manufacture unnecessarily complicated tube gear for little money and charge unbelievably high prices. There is nothing that tube gear does that can't be done better by solid state.

Bob Carver demonstrated this when he purposely screwed up a perfectly fine transistor amp to make it sonically indistinguishable from a vaunted Conrad-Johnson amp. Carver later designed an overpriced tube amp and laughed all the way to the bank at the suckers who were convinced they could hear "that great tube warmth".

Carver designed a solid state amp that sounded identical to the tube model, and sold it for a fraction of the price, primarily to prove his point. I would no more buy Audio Research products than I would a buggy whip. Double-blind and ABX testing have shown that people can't detect differences between various amps and preamps, yet the price differentials are great in the world of "high end".

Monster discovered that all you have to do is buy normal wire from any number of suppliers they didn't make their own cable for years , make the cables thick, slap your name on them and triple the price - people lined up for blocks to get ripped off. Stereophile, which refuses to do any double-blind or ABX testing, acts as a shill for any wacky idea that comes along.

Green paint for CDs "vast improvements in sound" - yeah right , "Shakti Stones", and any other scam that comes down the pike get the worshipful treatment by the hacks at that rag. None of their writers, to my knowledge, has the least bit of training in electrical engineering or physics.

Why does Stereophile do this? If you tell the truth about all of these useless products, or point out that people are unable to distinguish between most audio products when listened to at matched levels, then your advertisers will pull out.

Then you can't afford your nice digs down there in Santa Fe, where this swill is published. Meanwhle, the suckers buy into the placebo effect and swear there are huge differences that only they can hear.

Oh yeah? Then why not submit to a true ABX test? In fact, they don't want to have to report that their precious "golden ears" can't tell any difference. Worse, they manage to convince their readers that they are not getting the best sound unless the readers buy the latest useless "tweak", for hundreds of dollars.

If these companies that manufacture "high end cable" or "power line conditioners" were in the photographic equipment business, where you have to show some results, they would all go out of business. As for the Absolute Sound, Harry Pearson is an idiot who helped launch all of this nonsense. And I've never gotten through a single piece of music played on one of these systems without that happening at least once.

What those people never let me do, though, is listen to a CD-remaster of the same recording on the same system, but they assure me that the "colour" and "staging" or "presence" just aren't there in the CD-version for me to hear. I must say, I never would have taken you for an Analog Fundamentalist, Phil; thanks for keeping me guessing. I'm curious, though: are these opinions unshakeable truths to you, or does it come from that little place in all of us that wants to be above the crowd?

Who knows, maybe even living composers. Anyway, to respond to my friend Ken: I've no longer any desire to assert superiority over my fellow man via audio equipment.

I'm so busy these days developing and maintaining ugh! Web services that I don't have time to do much besides listen. So CDs appeal to me more and more because they are so convenient drop five in a changer and walk away for a whole brunch. That said, my CD collection on balance doesn't seem as realistic as my LP collection.

It is definitely not an unshakeable truth for me, though. I'm perfectly prepared to believe that the new DVD-based hifi audio disks will crush LP sound quality like a bug.

I have to admit that it sucks to come home and find that my Audio Research preamp has toasted itself yet again. My Sony CD changer isn't all that reliable either but at least it is simple to throw out. Halfway through the entrance tunnel I left the site. The sound labs link has lots of pictures, but what is what? Second, poorly remastered CD reissues of analog recordings can truly and objectively suck.

Besides, many of us over the age of about 22 have records we bought -- Brent Buescher , January 15, You can be as angry as you want about the fact that digital isn't as good as analog, but here's a few timeless and essential facts that will put digital in its place forever.

Perhaps billions per CD. Secondly, you can split the number in half mathematically i. And finally, although you cannot hear with your ears any sounds over 20khz or below 20hz, it is well known that you can FEEL it, and that is certainly as valid as any other form of musical communication.

Any limitations of the CD standard are limits of the CD standard, not of digital reproduction. If you know what the sampling theorem is, I apologize for this outburst.

If you don't know what it is, you should prior to posting additional comments. I listen to hear performances. These days most of the great new performances are on CD only. Whether that is good or sad, it IS. They aren't, I don't.

I also go to a lot of live classical concerts.

In short, this song is all about praising her looks and all those things that are related to her. Be my Baby – The Ronettes. If you are looking for a song to propose her in a funny and different way, dedicate this love song to your girlfriend, because it has a best question to ask, “Will you be my baby?”.

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