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On Tour StarsTruck - Osaka On Tour Starstruck - Osaka. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll Hit The Rainbow - Soundboard Atlanta.

Stafford Definitive - Cd 1. Liverpool - Cd 1. Stafford Definitive - Cd 2. Tokyo - Cd 1. Tokyo - Cd 2. Liverpool - Cd 2. Rainbow On Stage. On Stage. Newcastle - Second Night. Rising Deluxe Edition Disc2. Rising Deluxe Edition Disc1. Rehearsals - Tower Of Babel Cd1. Rehearsals - Tower Of Babel Cd2. Rehearsals - Tower Of Babel Cd3. Alexander Courage Song was listened by 1 people.

Most of listeners are from. Do Me! Ludacris Song was listened by 1 people. Most of listeners are from Germany, United States. Mix The Crystal Method. Most of listeners are from United States. The album kicks off with one of their most popular hits of Man On The Silver Mountain, with the iconic main riff of the song immediately worming its way into the listener's head before the infectious vocal melody acts similarly.

There's just something about this song that's incredibly uplifting to me, likely the combination of the way Dio belts out his voice, especially in the last minute or so, and the constant rising power that the song possesses, making this a song I often will find myself returning to. Both Self Portrait and Black Sheep of the Family are far more pedestrian tracks, but are still definitely enjoyable listens, especially Self Portrait, which is somewhat more laid back, providing nice contrast after the powerful opener.

Catch The Rainbow stands out to me as not only the best song on this album, but one of my personal picks for best song that Dio was ever involved in, with the instrumentation being absolutely perfect, using the mellotron to give the song incredible atmosphere. This combined with the sublme vocal performance and the impossibly dreamy melody makes the song give the feeling of floating on a cloud, being lightly swept along by the wind, all of this comfortably making this my second favourite Rainbow song.

After this utterly beautiful masterpiece, Snake Charmer seems somewhat underwhelming, although I don't put that up to the song as much as I do the track listing, as the song is definitely one of the better hard rockers here, especially with the awesome bass work. Temple of The King evokes some more beauty, but focuses on the narrative aspect more than the atmosphere of Catch The Rainbow, giving it a very different feel, while still being incredible, as the passion and power that Dio has while still being amazingly melodious and beautiful can be most clearly seen here.

Unfortunately, after this comes If You Don't Like Rock N Roll, which is nothing short of awful with almost no redeeming qualities to be found, other than the fact that it is very short, but even so, the cheesiness is painful, and the piano is horrible. The final two songs definitely redeem this to some extent however, as Sixteenth Century Greensleeves is filled with excellent riffs and lyricism and the instrumental Still I'm Sad is just really fun all around.

This album is overall very high quality, with the majority of the lower points still being passable, and the highlights being absolutely breathtaking, providing a listening experience that is almost consantly an enjoyable one. While this is not the album I'd immediately go to when wanting to listen to some of Dio's work that would be the followup album, Rising , it's still one that I do enjoy going back to. I do wish that If You Don't Like Rock N Roll was just completely cut out, as it both breaks the flow of the album and just sounds awful all around, but even with this, there are still plenty of songs which more than make up for it.

The two thoughts that stick with me whenever I listen to this are "Wow, Dio had some serious talent", and "Catch The Rainbow should have closed off the album".

While the album has a couple of small flaws, it doesn't stop this from being a great listen. Review by Prog Leviathan Prog Reviewer. A great hard-rock song with killer musicianship and enthusiastic vocals. The production is crisp enough for us to hear the each player very well, but coarse enough for us to feel the feedback-heavy fuzz of the actual show. Very authentic.

It's an epic song packed with guitar solos and builds to a dynamic close that ends up sounding almost like a grand finale to the concert For the most part these extended tracks are effective and varied. At times it breaks down to instrumental noodling, but it never completely drifts away from the gravely intensity for long. For example, "Catch the Rainbow" builds a sensitive calm mid way through before shattering it in a grand finale; likewise, "Still I'm Sad" gives Cozy Powell two!

All in all, Live in Munich is an awesome example of hard-rock at its finest, a showcase for Ritchie Blackmore's ambitious guitar playing, and a great experience overall. Get it, turn it up to 11, love it. A must have for fans of this excellent classic rock group.

One of my personal favourite albums, "Rising" is a short but powerful musical journey that will be a big hit for fans of bands like Deep Purple or Uriah Heep and wouldn't be out of place in any proghead's collection.

A classic well worth investigating! Review by GruvanDahlman Prog Reviewer. It protects a user from accidentally overwriting hard-drives by making drive selection obvious; and with validated flashing there is no more writing images to corrupted drives. It is also called balenaEtcher since it is developed by balena.

In addition, Etcher can flash directly Raspberry Pi devices that support usbboot. Use for. Learn More. User Reviews Be the first to post a review of Sonic-Rainbow! Report inappropriate content. The students have to find 2 matching cards. When they pick up the cards they should say, " I see 2 rainbows" or how many are on the cards. The student with the most matches wins. How many rainbows do you see? I see one one! Across the sky! Have any game or teaching ideas? Please send me an email and let me know!

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