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Unfortunately, "Fearful Symmetry" was very disappointing and has always been one of my least favourite 'Lewis' episodes. On the other side of the coin, fortunately the season gets back on track with a great finale and its best episode "The Indelible Stain". The show's seventh season suffered from the rather bizarre decision to split its three episodes into two halves, meaning having to wait until the next week until the conclusion. In all three of the Season 7 episodes, this has proved to be rather awkward and in "Down Among the Fearful" and "The Ramblin' Boy" ran the risk of forgetting what happened previously and being even more confused by events and who the characters were.

The premise is not exactly a new one and does see some over-familiar scenes and moments that could have done with more freshness. Really don't care for the character of Maddox still, she is bland and doesn't gel and Angela Griffin's acting doesn't make me feel any different. A big turn off here was Hathaway's unusual grumpiness and rudeness, there is more explanation provided as to the reason but it still felt out of character. The ending does lack a little emotional punch, partly because of some anaemic acting from the murderer in a role wanting of more menace and pathos, and felt a little rushed and over-stuffed, starting having things explained earlier would have helped.

As always however the acting is solid, on the other hand, with Kevin Whately very good and Laurence Fox a breath of fresh air. Their chemistry is wholly convincing, always a huge part of the show's charm, with a strong contrast between Lewis being the world weary one with the hunches and Hathaway being the more logical and witty.

Really like the chemistry between Lewis and Hobson Clare Holman doesn't disappoint too, and that Hobson's character has expanded for the better overtime in the show. Moody seems to be settling in well and one doesn't miss Innocent too much. The support acting is good, especially from Honeysuckle Weeks and Stephen Boxer seeming to be really enjoying himself. Production values are of very high quality. It's beautifully shot as always, and Oxford not only looks exquisite but is like a supporting character in itself.

Barrington Pheloung returns as composer, and does a first-rate job. The theme tune, while not as iconic or quite as clever as Morse's, is very pleasant to listen to, the episode is charmingly and hauntingly scored and the use of pre-existing music is very well-incorporated.

Some of the writing is thoughtful and fun and the story is mostly compelling and suitably twisty without being too convoluted. Despite the predictability, the Charles Williams references were fun and the modus operandi provides some chills and more grisly than usual while not feeling too out of place , the third corpse in particular.

Overall, decent but unexceptional. Looking for some great streaming picks? Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Wyoming Mule Deer Part 2 24m. Colorado Elk 26m. The Mud and The Trees 23m. Blue Mountain Bugles 23m. Ghosts of the Chesapeake Part 1 24m. Ghosts of the Chesapeake Part 2 24m. Turkey Troubles 24m. Borderland Bucks Part 1 24m. Borderland Bucks Part 2 24m.

Walking The Clouds 30m. Episode 1 22m. Episode 2 22m. Episode 3 22m. Episode 4 22m. Episode 5 23m. Episode 6 22m. Episode 7 22m. Episode 8 22m. Episode 9 22m.

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Opus Web. Opus Digital. This is a fairly standard 'Lewis' story; not that that is a bad thing. We have a society with a secret so as the story progresses we aren't just guessing who the killer is but what their motivation is.

The ritual elements to the deaths make them interesting and not particularly disturbing. There are plenty of suspects to keep the viewer guessing; some of whom end up dead almost as soon as they become suspected! Overall I'd say that this was a solid enough story that fans are likely to enjoy.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Hitchcoc 27 March The fundamental reason for the activities of the people involved is so beyond pure reason, it is almost laughable. Still, the writer puts together a tale of alchemy and the religious world, pulling in all elements. I can buy into the skills of detecting, but sometimes Lewis and Hathaway are able to move way beyond the normal realms of possibility.

One big problem for me is the portrayal of the one who turns out to be the murderer. My concern is the incredible expertise and skill that was necessary.

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  1. Oct 27,  · Directed by Matthew Evans. With Syreeta Kumar, Clare Holman, Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox. The team must uncover the guilty secret their victims share in order to learn the identity of not just the killer but the potential victim too/10(3).
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