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Carolina has offered dismal of color. White business owners education throughout its push overpriced barbecue and history. Today, by any matrix that measures student Gullah-inspired cuisine that financially disenfranchises achievement or racist disciplinary policy, the Palmetto Black businesses from profiting in a system that was State is at or near the very bottom. Home of the literally built upon the backs of enslaved people.

Then, there are those we have entrusted to teach The state is a compelling site of resistance because of our children. White educators join predominantly its deep history of opposing injustice and racist policy. White teachslavery, Black legislators constructed the first system ers pay to join the anti-union Palmetto State Teachers of education to guarantee the freedom of all after the Association that is historically linked to the segregationCivil War.

Elliot, bundled with others celebrating Black history but still support school into Brown v. Board to desegregate schools. Marching 10, strong might palpable in school board meetings, classrooms and squeeze a small pay raise from the legislature one day — social media.

The perennial tension between denying but the racist underpinnings will remain intact. This historic grasp in a paradise built upon the white aesthetic and struggle and the path forward unfolded quite literally the privilege it entails. The solutions are held by those outside my office door. The solution that should rights activist and educator. Septima Clark was a close be the heart of an education justice movement begins friend of Martin Luther King Jr. She made an invaluable As I return to the land you all fly over — nearly 10 contribution in her work with the NAACP in equalizing years after I drove to Charleston to join the frontlines teacher salaries, a commitment for which she lost her job.

Our children and our schools depend on listenstudents organized a lunch counter sit-in. The student-led ing to that message wherever we may be. Jon Hale is an education advocate and professor at the Inspiring students and supportive local politicians took University of Illinois who previously worked at College up the task to erect markers that now commemorate this of Charleston and University of South Carolina.

Sheftall, L. Sundays, p. Free to attend. Tattooed Moose, Maybank Hwy. The two artists, Lori Putnam and James Richards, do consider themselves to have a sibling-like bond, though. Sibling Rivalry, featuring new work from both artists, opens at Meyer Vogl on Sept.

Meyer Vogl hosts an all-day pop-in on Sept. On Sept. Learn more online at meyervogl. Free to view. Learn more at jewishcharleston. Firefly Distillery will open its doors for more social-distanced concerts Sept.

Saturdays through Oct. Firefly Distillery, Spruill Ave. North Charleston. Epstein, a 67 year old who retired in , forged a reputation throughout the Lowcountry for his notable contributions to politics as an activist , education as a guidance counselor and teacher and athletics as a basketball coach.

In his upcoming memoir, They Call Me Pathfinder, which is slated to be published by Elite Authors later this year, he lays his story bare, openly recounting the low points of his history as willingly as he celebrates the highlights.

After divorcing his second wife, he hopped in a car on Christmas Day and headed south, leaving behind his hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts, and his two daughters, Karli and Brooke. He planned to take a long vacation, perhaps in Florida, to clear his head before returning home. He eventually got a part-time job as a substitute teacher and, later on, a masters degree from The Citadel.

Epstein never moved back to New England. He frequently ventured north to spend quality time with his daughters, but Charleston became his new home.

Over the next three decades, he taught, coached and counseled at numerous Charleston-area schools, including in North Charleston, West Ashley and James. Island, earning a reputation as a mover-andshaker within the community. He primarily worked with at-risk students, and in , he received a Martin Luther King Jr. Picture Award from his friend and colleague, S. Wendell Gilliard, with whom he lobbied at the Statehouse to raise the dropout age from 17 to There are views within the Statehouse that prevent progress.

His wife, Barbara, was trying for years to convince him to put his stories down on paper. But, the coronavirus pandemic-induced quarantine gave him a reason and the free time to give it a shot. But his editor was apparently riveted enough by his stories that she convinced him to publish it for a wider audience. There are four fellowships up for grabs in the categories of visual, craft, media production and screenwriting. The deadline to apply is Nov. These fellowships recognize and reward the artistic achievements of individual artists.

New for the FY22 cycle, the awards are no longer made solely on artistic merit, but also include consideration of commitment to the disciplines in which artists apply. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, a full-time resident of South Carolina for at least two years and plan to stay instate through the fellowship period of July June Apply online and email any questions to cscottfitts arts.

Learn more about SCAC and all grant opportunities at southcarolinaarts. This virtual format also allows Digi Rip to bring in performers from all over the country — the world, universe, even — so keep your eyes peeled for special guests. Riggs and Suorsa also say they are always accepting submissions to keep a diverse array of comedy in Rip City shows.

You can submit anything you deem creative to namelessnumberheadcomedy gmail. Barbara Burleson was unsuccessful in her search for affordable organic food to feed her granddaughter Lillie, so she did what most people do: She launched Lillie Fuel, a baby food company delivering meals to infants and toddlers in Charleston. After enlisting the help of her chef daughter-in-law Alex Presswood, formerly of 82 Queen, Burleson started making her own organic purees.

Burleson always made time for cooking during her year career as the regional manager for a retail company, but she quickly learned that making baby food was a completely different challenge. After completing the lengthy state health department certification, Burleson set up shop at a North Charleston commissary kitchen, officially launching Lillie Fuel in February.

For babies, there are over 50 pureed options that come in jars, including combinations like sweet potato and peach, beets and carrot or blueberries with coconut milk and oats. TOT Box to-go gourmet lunches include dishes like chicken bacon tortellini with asparagus, sloppy Joe pinwheels with roasted corn and meatloaf with roasted potatoes. The family-run company has seen enough growth to take the next step, Burleson said.

So we have five daycares now which equates to about meals per day. Burleson feels fortunate to help out local parents during this unprecedented time. The funds aimed to help pitmasters offset the cost of inventory, monthly rent and mortgage payments, employee salaries and more.

Interested in selling? We can help too. Call Carolina Business Brokers, Call M-F 8am-6pm ET. Pleasant, SC Call or visit www.

Your word classified ad will reach more than 2. Call Randall Savely at the S. Newspaper Network, Ready to go August 15th at 8 weeks of age. First shots and complete vet check before leaving. AKC Papers and 1 year guarantee. Tons of fun, great with kids. Variety of colors. Red Merles, Blue Merle, and black tris.

Located in Charleston, SC. Adult, Female. Sweet girl who loves to cuddle and play with her toys. Call , www. A high energy girl and a complete lovebug. A feisty ginger cat who loves to play and cuddle. No Satellite Needed. No Annual Contract. No Commitment. CALL Call today! Switch and Save! Select All-Included Package. Premium movie channels, FREE for 3 mos!

Reliable high speed fiber optic technology. Stream videos, music and more! Call Earthlink today, If you've seen anything on here before, or your name is Jess Haglund, you know that this is one of my favorite bands of all time. I'm not sure how I managed not to put this single up yet. One of their best. I think I thought I put the song up from the half-cocked soundtrack the very first week, but in fact it was the alternate version of " Crazy Man ," which is also on Feels Like the Third Time.

B-side is their version of The Louvin Brothers' "Kentucky" recorded in Janet's living room which is where they're from. The person on the cover is Jenny Cattlett, a Freakwater friend. PS: There's a man playing on this I think, but you know I know, I know but I have such fond 12 year old memories of this song and I know you'll be a fan of the selection, Jess.

Jessica P. It's one of my very favorite memories. I was probably too young to understand this song back then, but now it resonates. And especially so at this point, what with the Dylan references. Here's a good interview with her that tells about it. I couldn't resist. An old favorite and a nice transition from yesterday's selection. I used to have this single but I seem to have misplaced it.

Here they are doing it live back when Jello was especially dashing and less preachy don't get me wrong, I've collected a fair amount of his spoken word over the years. For some reason I used to have his home phone number in college and I would call him every month or so to listen to his answering machine message; he changed it periodically and it was always pretty entertaining. I wonder if he still has the same number. Sorry Jello. Have anything on vinyl that fits this?

The only band name I remember from the cds are The Headcoatees. This week is for you! Figured starting with one of my favorite old picture discs would be appropriate. Mark Ibold from Pavement joined Free Kitten but not until later; all ladies for this one!

I'm not going to lie; I'm pretty thrilled about this. Again, lady week for Jess. There's a lovely little message carved into this record. B-side: "A real freak can not be made, a real freak must be born. Anyway, this is one of my old favorites.

I'll put something up from Pussy Whipped too this week. My big favorite was always " Feels Blind " though. Listener discretion advised today Hit Records was a super weird s record label in Nashville. They were basically budget cover versions, or sound-alike versions, of hit songs that people could buy for. Some of the guys covering the hits became pretty big soul or country singers years later, though many of them used pseudonyms, so we'll never know who some of them were.

I have no idea who Ricky Dickens is but here he is doing a lovely cover of one of my favorite songs Hit Records folded in the late 60s after being sued by some other record labels for licensing issues.

I thought this was especially fitting today as I'm going to see him play tonight! Very excited. The last time I saw him play was back in Highschool when this record came out.

I went with my amazing friend Lee, who just launched Altruette go check it out. Somehow, Lee and I both ended up in Brooklyn, living a few blocks from one another. Bob originally recorded this 30 years earlier November in the Minnesota Hotel in Minneapolis.

He wrote it but it's based on this song and this song. Dylan first came to NY in January of ' He recorded this on a trip back to MN. Picked this up at the WFMU record fair this year. Here's a great Mary Weiss interview. Love that zodiac logo!

Ruby has a great name and she's from Chicago. Here's another one of her hits. She's still around -- now Ruby Andrews-Lester. If you click here you can learn more about her and download Black Ruby from I listen to this every year; sorry if it's an obvious selection.

I just love Arlo. I also just read on his site that Arthur Penn who directed " Alice's Restaurant " two years after this song passed away and I never saw the news late sept. Read Arlo's story on there. I worked with Arthur Penn right after college. He was a cantankerous man, but was quite sweet from time to time. I was doing a website for the actor's studio and somehow was asked to read lines with the actors doing Arthur Penn's Studio production of "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf.

I obviously jumped at the chance. Good bye Arthur, you will be missed. Oh also, this song's Alice is actually a woman named Alice Brock who now runs an art gallery in Provincetown. Read about her here. I ate too many mashed potatoes yesterday to be able to write anything today. I am in a food coma. Not even the 5-mile Turkey Trot that I ran in the morning was able to prevent it.

I realize this is a serious departure from most of what I play on here —even the heavier stuff— but I used to love Throbbing Gristle and I felt that I should pay tribute. Because it may be a bit too much of a departure, I've decided to pair today's TG with an old Lydia Lunch spoken word favorite, Oral Fixation.

She'd probably hate it. Oh well. Goodbye Sleazy These will likely take forever to play -- both are around 18 mins. Dear Diary Felt like a good one to put up for the th song. I'm surprised I've not done so already. The wonderful Alberta Hunter. Look at how adorable she is.

She was 83 when she made this. Most people associate this song with the amazing Bessie Smith and really, I prefer her version , but it was actually written by Jimmy Cox in As far as I know, there's no relation to Ida Cox though there are a few totally unfounded rumours on the interweb that Jimmy was her husband and she actually wrote it but he took the credit for it.

Maybe you know Eric Clapton's version. I like Clapton but man does his version make me cringe. Quite appropriate today after last night's Boardwalk Empire. I've always loved this song and recently I realized that maybe I love this other song " Take Care of All of My Children " because it reminds me so much of this one.

That song was in the brilliant and very depressing documentary Streetwise. Of course many of his songs sound similar, but there's something particularly parallel for me about these two. The trombone? The organ? The similar percussion? I don't know. Doesn't matter; both are beautiful. Here's another great one from this record.

Justine "Baby" Washington! She had a bunch of great singles mostly singles, in fact. B-side is "Suffering With The Blues. This was recorded the same year that he did Fever, and on the same label. Here's another good one Little Willie's sister is the amazing Mable John see July 5th entry, below. John actually died in my hometown of Seattle, inside the Washington State Penitentiary after stabbing and killing someone with a knife after a show.

Oh and he was called "Little Willie" because he was apparently very tiny. His height, that is Leiber and Stoller. No time to write today. Love LaVern. This too. There are far better songs on this record by Johnny and June, but you understand It's pretty cute when they do this. Jumping to My very favorite is " Shelter From The Storm " on here one of my favorites of all time , but it skips on my version. I'll replace it at some point, but for now here's my second favorite.

There's way too much to write about this record and not enough time or space. So that's that. I will hopefully start writing some long interesting things again soon. For now I'm pleased that I'm even getting anything up here on a daily basis. Busy busy times Speaking of, please go buy things here. I think just two more days of dylan. That's ok, it's how I feel this week anyway.

A little bored; will have to start the dylan thing up again later. Here's a total downer for today. I think I have three copies of this record.

Figured I may as well put one on. Obviously, this was a big hit and it's not at all hard to find. Great song; always makes me want to shake a tail feather.

Billy Preston performed it on Saturday Night Live; the first musical performance ever on the show Here's a good article for the day that has nothing to do with Billy except for the fact that he played keyboards for the Rolling Stones for a while it does, in fact, mention him briefly.

A good choice for day I think. This is an old favorite. I was very pleasantly surprised that Tyler and Maya's friend played this live at their wedding recently. It's actually also, among other things, an old Stray Cats song my very favorite band in 3rd grade , though I much prefer Janet and Catherine's version. Now I'm reminiscing about the Brian Setzer cutout from Bop magazine that I used to stare at for hours Here's Ricky Nelson's version.

I'm pretty sure the originator here was Dorsey Burnette Johnny's brother. May not be too many stories this week; swamped. This guy's story is pretty crazy, though, so you should read more about him here. I got to see him play a couple of years ago and it was pretty neat.. Oh and then there's " Mr. Soul ," which we get a little bit of in the beginning of "Broken Arrow.

Love this band. Also, they were named after a sign painted on a steamroller "The Buffalo-Springfield Roller Company". Go buy lots of records from him at Rockit Scientist because he and his store are awesome! Anyway, I couldn't resist; I've always wanted this single.

It's my very favorite Cure song ever. They were my favorite band from 7th grade through Highschool, so it's more of a nostalgic purchase than anything else, but that doesn't mean I'll enjoy it any less. Most of the stuff on here isn't as pretty. Here's another song I like that's more representative: Sons of The Sea. The last week back in July I ended with a Fairport Convention song of a poem Bob wrote, recorded in So here we are in I'm obviously not putting all of his records on here.

I don't have all of his records. I'm just putting my favorites from what I have, and a few favorites that other people have done. It's fun to read about Johnny Cash stopping by the studio during the Nashville Skyline recording sessions he was recording with his band next door , doing tons and tons of duets with Dylan, most of which were rejected.

Don't get me wrong, I love Johnny Cash Alternate Selection Ramones "Pet Sematary" but not the really good version which is why it's not on here in the non-alternate position Sire Click here to listen.

The Halloween list wouldn't be complete without Spike Jones. This whole record is hilarious and great, but this is by far my favorite. I'll have to ask my comic book friends about him. It will be fantastic! Me want. This is going out to Benji today. I highly recommend reading this page here. It's written by one of the Ran-Dells and tells all about how this song came about; pretty hilarious.

Also, it's interesting to hear about Steve's early interest in electronic music. He writes, "this was 10 years before Bob Moog invented the voltage-controlled synthesizer, and anyone who wanted to make unusual sounds used primitive sine wave generators and cut and spliced recording tape a great deal. Clearly it worked. Listening to it makes me miss my "Synthesis of Electronic Music" class in college; all tape splicing and sine wave generators.

B-side is " Saturday Night Holocaust. Love this band and this is one of my halloween favorites though the lyrics are pretty silly. That's all for today.

I mean come on I debated about this one but fuck it. I love it. It's not really a halloween song, but it certainly deals with morbid themes. It's a protest song just like yesterday's selection In other news, we played this on our very first WCNI show; the one to test to get us in Freshman year. If I remember correctly, this was not well received. For Katherine and David today who live in Tacoma, where the Sonics are from.

Makes me miss my beautiful hometown Seattle. No time to write today, but it was between this and " The Witch. Thanks to Norton for reissuing this in fact I got it at the record fair last weekend! Brilliant record; every song on here is amazing. Speaking of the Monster Mash If you're in NY go to this tomorrow night -- you won't want to miss it watch the teaser. Back in the day my tradition consisted of going to see the Misfits play in NY every Halloween.

One year I even went alone as I couldn't get anyone to come with me. If I remember correctly, I was decked out in a homemade 'Love it To Death"-era Alice Cooper costume surrounded by numerous 18 year old new-era misfits fans; pretty humiliating.

Halloween still just isn't complete for me without them. Here's my huge halloween show non vinyl to play at all of your halloween parties this weekend. Not the one you're thinking of Baron Daemon was a horror tv host in Syracuse, NY in the early 60s. You can see more of him here. It's Lurch from The Addams Family! He stood 6' 9" tall!

Originally Lurch wasn't supposed to speak at all, much less sing of course this song never appeared on The Addams Family. Ted came up with the line "you rang?

He seemed to be a pretty cool guy; some interesting stories about him here. My favorites: 1. In , he earned a Bachelor's degree from Syracuse University and moved to New York City to pursue a career in music as a guitarist and songwriter. Reed formed the Velvet Underground with John Cale, Sterling Morrison, and Moe Tucker in , and released four studio albums with the band, before embarking on a solo career in Throughout the s and s, Reed released fifteen studio albums, four live albums, and toured frequently in support of his records.

He started off by again collaborating with John Cale, which ultimately set in motion a Velvet Underground reunion tour in Three years later, and shortly after the death of Sterling Morrison, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Between and , Reed released six studio albums, seven live albums, and two career-spanning anthologies. He continued to tour frequently, and also published two books of lyrics and three photography books. He is survived by his wife, Laurie Anderson. The Lou Reed papers date from to , and follow Reed's music career from the formation of the Velvet Underground, through his five-decade long career as a solo rock and roll musician. The collection is arranged into eight Series, which includes audio and video recordings; office files from Reed's company Sister Ray Enterprises; documentation of tours and live performances; photographs of and by Reed; art and design files; press clippings; and personal files.

The collection documents Reed's musical, visual, and written output, while providing insight into the business and administrative operations necessary to manage and sustain his recording and performance career. Series I contains audio and video recordings from the entirety of Reed's music career, and includes demos, rehearsals, studio recordings, recordings of live performances, television and film appearances, recordings of radio programs, recorded conversations and interviews, and a selection of recordings by other artists with whom Reed was affiliated.

The Series provides a career-spanning in depth document of Reed's musical output that includes a audio reel containing recordings of Reed's earliest known compositions, and comprises material from each of Reed's official solo studio recordings. There are also hundreds of hours of audio and video recordings from Reed's live shows, performances, and appearances, spanning from Velvet Underground shows in the s shows to Reed's final world tour in Series II consists of documentation regarding the business and administrative aspects of Reed's professional music career, and includes fan mail, financial documents, legal files, licensing agreements, and a group of alphabetically arranged subject files.

These files illustrate the manner in which Reed and his associates managed the legal, financial, and business elements of his career. The Series holds financial documentation from the s to s and agreements related to the licensing of Reed's words and music for commercials, films, television, and covers by other artists. The Series contains chronologically arranged files that chronicle five decades of Reed's tours.

Materials found in this Series include itineraries, contracts, agreements, tour riders, receipts, payroll, and laminates. These files also serve as a companion to the live performance recordings in Series I, providing information on the personnel and logistics involved in much of Reed's touring career. Series IV holds photographs of Reed and the Velvet Underground, and includes promotional shots, images of live performances, and a large collection of photographs taken by Reed.

Series VI comprises Art and Design files, and features album artwork, book layout files, in-store album displays, posters, handbills, and shirts. Reed's written works are all compiled in Series V, which holds book manuscripts, liner notes, lyrics, magazine and newspaper articles, notebooks, poetry, sheet music, short stories, and speeches. The Series is primarily typed lyrics from Reed's commercially released music, as well as manuscripts from his published books of lyrics.

The personal items include artwork, Reed's cameras, personal correspondence, his glasses, passports, materials related to his Tai Chi practice, two high school yearbooks, and his personal record collection. Series I consists of audio and video recordings that commence with Reed's s acoustic home recordings, and trace the trajectory of his career through Demos and Rehearsal recordings; Studio recordings; Live recordings; Television and Film appearances; Radio programs; Recorded Conversations and Interviews; and recordings of Other Artists.

There is additional paper documentation present, including tracklists, recall notes, production notes, session notes, and song outlines.

Reed sometimes traveled with a personal recording device, resulting in recordings that include conversation excerpts and candid chatter among Reed and his collaborators, friends, acquaintances, and members of the press.

This Series is arranged into eight Subseries, and further description can be found at the beginning of each section. There is correspondence present throughout the series, but very little of it is written by Reed. The majority of the professional communications and office management was handled by his staff.

The Fan Mail dates from to , and is primarily from individuals expressing their appreciation for Reed's music. These letters are mostly arranged chronologically, with a selection of items placed into folders labeled by Reed's office staff. The Financial files date from to , and contain account ledgers, cancelled checks, bank statements, salary information, and paid bills. There are also materials from the s labeled as pertaining specifically to Oakfield Avenue Music and Transformer Enterprises, which are the predecessors to Sister Ray Enterprises.

These materials illustrate the manner in which Reed's financials were managed and dispersed during various points in his career. The Licensing files contain documentation regarding the licensing of Reed's words and music for commercials, covers by other artists, films, radio, soundtracks, and television. These files include the paperwork and contracts for offers that Reed accepted, as well files for those he refused.

There is a selection of files which are arranged chronologically, and others which were arranged into categories by the office staff. The Subject Files comprise a large selection of alphabetically arranged papers representing all aspects of the administrative end of Reed's career. There is correspondence, agreements, offers, requests, and files for various projects. During the s and early s, these files were primarily managed and arranged by Reed's second wife, Sylvia Morales.

Many of the files were maintained electronically on the office's computers, and the file names created by Reed's staff were retained in this series. Of special interest are files for Lou's Views, which are glasses that Reed created in partnership with the Italian Company, Tramontano. The Lou's Views files include marketing plans and illustrated prototypes.

These files are arranged chronologically, documenting much of Reed's solo career, as well as the Velvet Underground reunion. The Series holds tour itineraries, booking documentation, contracts, agreements, accounting, receipts, payroll, and tour riders.

There is also a selection of laminates used for backstage access by crew and band members. Reed's tours between and are particularly well-represented. He retained many files of receipts, agreements, accounting material, and payroll information from this time period.

The receipts include everything from restaurant checks, room service bills, and itemized food and drink orders, to toll slips, airline tickets, and music equipment rental contracts. These materials serve as a very detailed document of Reed's travel schedule in this early portion of his career, as well as providing information regarding the individuals with whom he travelled, and the various personnel involved in each tour.

There are additional tour related materials and receipts from the s found in the Series II, Legal files. There are bound tour itinerary booklets dating from to , which list tour dates, personnel, pertinent contact information, and specific details for each show of the tour. These booklets are useful in order to verify the date of a particular performance, and to determine the specific band members, crew, and management involved in each tour.

Series IV contains photographs both of and by Lou Reed. The Photographs of the Velvet Underground include prints depicting the band during performances in the s with Nico, as well as some posed promotional pictures. Of note are two photographs of the band with original drummer, Angus MacLise. There are also a number of promotional photographs from the band's reunion tour.

Professional Photographs of Lou Reed contain images of Reed from the entirety of his career. There is a selection of unlabeled digital and print photographs which are arranged chronologically, the rest are arranged alphabetically by photographer. The photographs of Performances, Events, and Albums also encompass the entirety of Reed's solo career and are arranged chronologically. Included are images of live performances, as well as promotional photographs for albums, awards ceremonies, and special events attended by Reed.

Tours from to , and Reed's Berlin tour are particularly well documented with digital photographs. Photographs with others primarily depict Reed with other well-known individuals, but also include a few portraits of Laurie Anderson. These materials are arranged alphabetically by name when the individual depicted is known.

All other photographs are arranged chronologically. The Personal and Candid photographs are mostly non-professional prints of Reed's friends and family. There is also a small selection of digital photographs that contains scanned images of Reed and his immediate family.

Photography by Lou Reed contains chronologically arranged digital and print images captured by Reed that date from to The prints include photographs of his travels, his parents, and images that appeared in exhibitions, books, and publications. The digital images were organized into folders by Reed, either by location, subject matter, date, or the type of camera he used to take the picture.

Reed's original arrangement was maintained. Of special interest are sixty-eight photographs Reed took of Occupy Wall Street in Material related to Reed's written works comprises Series V. Lyrics from Reed's commercially released albums as both a solo artist and with the Velvet Underground are present in this series. All the lyrics are typed and most do not contain notes or annotations. Lyrics on Reed's computer were arranged by Reed's staff into folders by album title. There is a small selection of "Other" lyrics, which includes material he labeled as "new," as well as lyrics from Time Rocker , POEtry , and lyrics compiled for The Raven tour.

Reed did not retain early drafts of his work, or much handwritten material. Nearly all the lyrics present are in their final form, identical to how they were published in his books and sung in his songs. There is a small selection of typed and occasionally annotated lyrics found in Series I from the Set the Twilight Reeling recording sessions. Also included in this Series are typed manuscripts from pieces Reed authored for newspapers and magazines, a small selection of original poetry, a few drafts of short stores, and two speeches.

The Art and Design Series holds items related to the artistic and visual elements of Reed's career. The series includes album artwork; book layout and design files; calendars; in-store album display photographs; a Metal Machine Music installation design; postcards and handbills; posters; promotional items; and shirts.

The images were arranged and sent to Reed by the record company to showcase the manner in which store merchandisers displayed Reed's albums. These photographs also portray posters and merchandise related to the albums' promotion. Most pictures are captioned with a date, location, and store name, and are typically arranged by geographic region. These files not only serve as a means to illustrate the manner in which Reed's albums were promoted and displayed, but also serve as a document of many American record stores between and Postcards and Handbills are arranged chronologically, as are the Posters.

They feature small and large-scale prints to promote Reed's albums, appearances, concerts, exhibitions, and performances. These items include a selection of Velvet Underground shows from the s, Reed's solo career, the Velvet Underground reunion, and advertisements for items Reed endorsed. Of special interest are three banners from the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. The series also holds a few shirts promoting Reed's albums and tours.

Press clippings, photocopied articles, press kits, and a few full magazine issues make up the contents of Series VII. Most press items are arranged chronologically, however some were also organized by album or event by Reed's staff. While there are clippings from the s, most of the press materials date from the mid s onwards. Among the content are reviews of albums and performances, interviews, and profiles of Reed.

This includes artwork he collected or received as a gift; Reed's cameras; personal correspondence with friends and family; a Halloween costume; gifts; his glasses; items associated with his meditation practice; passports; shirts; Tai Chi materials; two yearbooks; and Reed's personal music and video collection.

The Artwork is arranged alphabetically by artist. Pieces by unknown artists are all arranged together. The bulk of the artwork appears to have been gifts by the artists. The Correspondence contains a mixture of personal letters and greeting cards. Reed saved many letters from his parents, as well as greeting cards from his Velvet Underground bandmate, Moe Tucker, who always addressed him as "honey bun. The Costume was a gift to Reed from Hall Wilner.

The videos feature Reed practicing Tai Chi, some of which he filmed to share with instructors, and others which depict him working with various individuals. The yearbooks include notes and signatures from Reed's classmates, as well as a picture of Reed's Track and Field team.

Reed's Music and Video Collection includes his commercially released solo albums, most of the Velvet Underground's releases, compilations he appeared on, and records by other artists in which he had writing credits or appeared as a guest artist. Reed retained a collection of bootlegs of his own live performances, including a series of cassettes assembled by the Velvet Underground Appreciation Society.

There is also a group of 45s that consist of an assortment of Doo Wop records and copies of Reed's earliest releases with the Jades and the Primitives. Among the videos present are Reed's commercially released video albums, the documentary, Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart , an assortment of commercially released films, and Doc Pomus' collection of boxing tapes, which Reed inherited after Pomus' death in Reed's personal music and video collection have been removed.

Video recordings and some audio recordings are unavailable pending digitization. Electronic records are currently unavailable.

The beginning of the tape contains a recording of a child named Eric Siedmann performing songs on May 25, The Studio recordings comprise over recordings of material intended for official album release.

Much of Reed's catalog is represented in various formats, ranging from rough mixes to final masters of albums, singles, and music videos. The studio recordings are arranged chronologically by album or project.

Tracklists transcribed from the original media are included when available. The earliest recordings are of the Velvet Underground, which include copies of acetates originating from Moe Tucker, and audio recordings from to sessions for The Velvet Underground and Loaded. These recordings include studio outtakes, rough and alternate mixes, and mono and stereo mixes.

Reed's studio output from the s and s is characterized by an assortment of mixes, test pressings, and reference copies. The recordings from the Magic Shop sessions for Set the Twilight Reeling are accompanied by a large cache of documentation. This includes handwritten studio notes, lyrics, timing sheets, recall notes, take sheets, and a notebook that indexes all of the session tapes.

There are nearly recordings present from these sessions, which include takes for individual songs and specific instruments. In , the Lodge audio mastering facility in New York City performed an analog transfer of twenty two of Reed's recordings, and a digital transfer of two recordings. There is documentation present for this project, as well as all of the transferred content. Beginning in , Reed began to utilize both Pro Tools and Ableton digital recording software. There are multiple mixes for Berlin Live at St.

Ann's , various studio recording sessions, and mixes for Reed's meditation music present. There are also Pro Tools files for the Lulu sessions in , and rough mixes and masters by Vlado Meller. An additional thirteen of Reed's albums, which were re-mastered by Meller in , are also included in this series. The recording includes live performances and interviews. Television and Film contains over recordings of Reed's appearances and performances on television, footage of films in which he appeared, and various edits of Red Shirley , a documentary he directed about his Aunt, Shirley Novick.

There are also movie clips from Faraway, So Close! Contains a version of the song that was used by the BBC in a corporate promotion of its music coverage. It was broadcast on BBC channels and in cinemas. Prompted by huge public demand, the track was released on November 17, as a charity single for Children in Need.

The Radio recordings are a mixture of radio shows in which Reed appeared for interviews, and radio shows in which he was the host. Among the radio recordings is a series of five audio recordings from a radio show Reed hosted in the mids, in which he plays music by his favorite artists at the time. There are also a large number of recordings dating from to of Lou Reed's New York Shuffle , a program he co-hosted with Hal Willner. Contains a review of the Magic And Loss album, as well as some song clips.

This is not a live recording. Other Artists contains recordings by musicians who collaborated with Reed, and artists covering his music.

Velvet Underground album tracks. Contains itineraries and files on merchandise, lighting, and financials from the Ecstasy tour in the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, and South America. The Live recordings in this series are especially comprehensive, comprising over recordings of Reed's performances, many of which were never commercially released.

This includes recordings of the Velvet Underground, much of Reed's solo tours, poetry readings, and various collaborative performances.

There is a mixture of unreleased recordings of live shows, as well as some that were unofficially released as bootlegs.

The live recordings are arranged chronologically, and setlists are included when available. Portions of these recordings were commercially released in as Live at Max's Kansas City. The August 23rd, recording contains a rare cover of "And then I kissed her," which was not released commercially.

The band's s reunion is also included, beginning with video footage of the original lineup performing "Heroin" at the Cartier exhibition in , followed by a selection of recordings from their reunion tour, and concluding with the Velvet Underground induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In , just prior to the launch of Reed's solo music career, he participated in a poetry reading at St.

Mark's Church in New York City. The series holds a recording of this performance in which Reed recites original poetry, his song lyrics, and some commentary about his original works. The reading contains some early incarnations of what would eventually become well-known song lyrics, most notably, "Coney Island Baby. Reed's tours are specifically well-represented, with twenty nine different shows present.

Of note is the July 21, recording of a performance in Melbourne, Australia, which also includes conversations between Reed and various individuals in both New York City and Australia. The recordings include the entirety of the two sets he performed each night. Fools Get Lucky 4. I Got You Babe 2. Frag Den Abendwind 3. Eve Of Destruction 6. Teenage love. Mr Tambourine Man 2.

Du Bist Nich Allein 3. For Somebody 4. Like A Rolling Stone 5. Du Bist Meine 6. King Of The Road 2. Dang Me 3. Engine Engine No 9 4.

In The Summertime 5. Do-Wacka-Do 2. England Swings 3. Chug a Lug 4. Kansas City Star 6. Atta Boy Girl. Skip to content. Rate this:. The band member that stood out was William Shears Campbell, who was involved in a controversial conspiracy theory that Paul McCartney had died in …! The Spotnicks was a Swedish group essentially instrumental rock originating from Gothenburg, which was formed in before the called-up Frazers.

Dootone Doo Wop, Volume 2. Ride My Seesaw — Moody Blues New Vaudevill Band — Finchley Central Show Me — Silence Is Golden — Helule Helule — Suddenly You Love Me — By The Way — Here Comes My Baby — Hello World — My Little Lady — Call Me Number One — Me And My Life — Bonuses: Hello Buddy — At the end of the buses, both fifth grade teachers had a banner with individualized names that could be seen in the vehicle headlights.

Each vehicle drove through the individualized banner. Students were celebrated all along the way with awards, certificates, music, neon lights, and a bubble machine. The scholarship is based on academics and character. Jada will attend the University of North Carolina-Charlotte in the fall. This award is based on academics, atheletics and involvement. The winner, Owen Perkins, presented the trophy to Catherine.

She will attend the University of North Carolina-Charlotte in the fall. Throughout the stay-at-home order, Surry Arts Council has been offering online and other arts activities to individuals in the community, and continues to do so. One summer highlight for many area youth is attending some of the many area camps, including those offered by the council.

The local organization recently announced its summer plans, with some limitations in place as a result of COVID These sessions can be used to work on painting, drawing, or crafts. The mediums offered are acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media. Private lessons can be for individuals or groups of two or three. Sessions can be scheduled by email madi surryarts. She is also hosting Virtual Paint Classes on Zoom. She packs individual paint kits with a lightly traced canvas, paints, a plate, a brush, and a napkin for drive-by pick up in the Andy Griffith Playhouse parking lot and then everyone connects via Zoom for the step-by-step painting class.

After registration, participants will be notified of pick up time for all materials and given log-in instructions for the class. Virtual Paint Classes are being offered weekly. Any style, technique, beginning dance, or beginning tumbling are available. The classes can be scheduled in the evenings for one dancer, or groups of two to four dancers. To schedule private classes, or for any additional information, contact Coleman at shelby surryarts. She is providing online classes on Facebook as well.

Classes vary from line dancing to dance fitness to conditioning and more. The classes are currently every other night. Once a member of the group, the classes can be live-streamed or watch at any time. For singers of all ages, Zoom Karaoke is every Tuesday at 7 p. Each week features a different theme. Email Coleman at shelby surryarts. Matanick, Coleman, and Heather Elliott will be teaching all classes and day camps listed here except Surry Strings.

Jim Vipperman will be leading the Surry Strings camp. Current summer camp offerings include:. Monday, June 8 — Thursday, June Session 1: a. Session 2: p. Due to state guidelines, Arts Alive Ages will be limited to 20 campers per session with 10 in each class.

Due to state guidelines, Arts Alive ages will be limited to 30 campers per session with 10 in each class.

These activities may be modified based on state guidelines. Participants will be notified as guidelines are updated. Session 1: 10 a.

Session 2: 1 p. Due to state guidelines, the camp will be limited with 10 campers per session. These activities will be modified based on state guidelines. Due to state guidelines, Princess Training Camp will be limited to 10 campers. The class-ending performance will be on July 2.

This final exhibition format may be modified based on state guidelines. The final performance will be on July 31 at 4 p. Limited to 10 campers. His Eagle ceremony, held at Calvary Baptist Church, was attended by friends and family members. The play was performed at three Surry County elementary schools and the Surry Arts Council to encourage involvement in Scouting and theater. The show also featured the onstage and offstage talents of fellow scouts and students from three different high schools and two middle schools.

Over his ten years in Scouting, Evan has held positions of leadership such as den chief and senior patrol leader, and has earned 43 merit badges. His hobbies outside of Scouts include writing, playing the trumpet, and acting. He would like to thank his parents, Chad and Amanda Barnard, siblings Max and Juliet Barnard, and grandparents, Sheree and Steven Barnard, for all of their love and support.

Candidates eligible for membership in the association must have completed three career and technical education credits and be enrolled in a CTE course in either the fall or spring semester of the year in which they are inducted. They also must have an overall 3. Once inducted, students must take at least one CTE course each school year to remain active. Active members will be recognized at graduation with a red and white cord, symbolizing their induction and participation in the society.

The conference allows undergraduates of all majors and from all Georgia State and Perimeter campuses to showcase their work as scientific posters, oral presentations, artistic and film displays, and musical performances. Faculty judges evaluate and score each project to determine award winners based on presentation type and category. This year, because the event could not take place live, students were allowed to record and upload their performances to a special website. Her faculty sponsor was Aggie Bazaz, assistant professor of film, media and theatre.

East Surry High School graduates were given their caps and gowns during a drive-through event at the school recently. Students were greeted by teachers and the Cardinal in the parking lot cheering them on.

Students also received their honor stoles, honor chords, and a yard sign. Students with a 4. Floyd Sexton is a little more philosophical about the effects COVID has had on society, taking it as an opportunity to bring a little joy to his neighbors. But, he also understands how to take things in stride. After 90 years on Earth, the past 68 of those walking hand-in-hand with his wife, Edna Sexton, he has a bit of a long-term perspective, particularly given his experiences — growing up during the Great Depression, fighting in the Korean War, raising three children, starting a successful textile business, watching the decline of that business through no fault of his own, and now living in an assisted living center.

He and his wife moved into Twelve Oaks assisted living center in Mount Airy in September, after she had been in another center in another community.

They moved to Twelve Oaks so he could be with his wife. Sexton said he fell in love with music when he was 4, not because of someone he heard, but because of something he saw — a ukulele.

He did a lot of trading, and one day he came in and had a ukulele and laid it on the bed, and I thought that was the prettiest thing I ever saw.

The instrument had a booklet with it, and his brother used that to show Sexton the chords on the ukulele. We used to play homecomings at churches, we could go to places like that. They would also set up just about anywhere there were people gathering, in public, to play. One time, he said, they were playing at a graveyard. The wonder of music and the joy of having a little money was awesome for such a youngster in that time, but Sexton said all good things must eventually end, though that can often be because of better things coming.

His brother married, which soon ended their street-playing days, but Sexton and another brother, Lloyd, began playing the guitar and mandolin, again earning money for their music. That was after the minimum wage was 40 cents an hour. Things were getting better then. Years later, at age 18, Sexton joined the army. That was in In , while home on furlough, he met a young lady who he took a shine to, and her to him.

While the two of them only dated a few times during his furlough, they continued writing during his time away.

That correspondence was a saving grace for Sexton, a way to stay in touch with his roots and his hopes at home while in the midst of some fierce fighting. He was part of a unit that lost nine men one night after they were ambushed.

But they kept writing, sharing what was going on in their lives, their dreams. When we got up there, we went out to the car, I had a brand new Chevy I had bought, we talked a little while, I knew before I went up there I wanted to marry her. They married little more than a month later, on Christmas Eve, , settling in Mount Airy four years later.

Both of them eventually ended up working in local textile mills, and after a while Sexton figured he could do more than work for someone else.

Stay With Me - LORRAINE ELLISON (Warner Brothers , September ) Disc 3, SCREAM 1, 22 tracks (Card No's 50 to 71), minutes: 1. Function At The Junction - SHORTY LONG (Soul , March ) 2. Memphis Soul Stew - KING CURTIS (Atco , August ) 3. The "In" Crowd - DOBIE GRAY (Charger , December ) /5(24).

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  1. Written-By – Lorraine Ellison: A3: Do Better Than You're Doin' Written-By – Lorraine Ellison: A4: If Only I Could See Him Written-By – Girard King, Lorraine Ellison: B1: No Relief Written By – Mark Jordan Written-By – Rip Stock* B2: I'll Fly Away Written-By – Lorraine Ellison: B3: The Road I Took To You /5(3).
  2. Life and career. Born Marybelle Luraine Ellison, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ellison originally sang gospel music, working in the groups the Ellison Singers and the Golden Chords in the early lemnterszantfibtipa.celcountmentingtorchahardtirantifimost.co switched to the R&B genre in and her first release was a chart entry, "I Dig You Baby" in on Mercury Records, which reached No. 22 on the US Billboard R&B chart.
  3. Lorraine Ellison: Lorraine Ellison (LP, Vinyl record album) - This great soul diva gets sort of a LA studio treatment with cool arrangements by Nick DeCaro and pr -- Brand: Warner (Label).
  4. Lorraine Ellison, an Album by Lorraine Ellison. Released in on Warner Bros. (catalog no. BS ; Vinyl LP). Genres: Soul, Deep Soul/5(1).
  5. Artist: Lorraine Ellison Title: Lorraine Ellison Year Of Release: Label: Warner Music Group - X5 Music Group Genre: Soul, R&B, Jazz Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: min Total Size: MB WebSite: Album PreviewAuthor: Lorraine Ellison.
  6. It was reissued September in the UK with a different sleeve as "The Most Of Terry Reid" on EMI/Music For Pleasure MFP All songs are written by Terry Reid - except "Superlungs My Supergirl" (Donovan cover), "Stay With My Baby" (Lorraine Ellison cover) and "Highway 61 Revisited" (Bob Dylan cover). A Remaster is used for the CD/5(84).
  7. Lorraine Ellison (17 March – 31 January ) was an American soul singer, best known for her recording of the song "Stay with Me" (sometimes known as "Stay With Me Baby") in No Relief The definitive compilation: 23 songs from , including three non-LP singles, three unreleased cuts from an aborted session at.
  8. Uriah Heep are an English rock band formed in London in Their current lineup includes lead and rhythm guitarist Mick Box, keyboardist Phil Lanzon, lead vocalist Bernie Shaw, drummer Russell Gilbrook, and bassist Davey lemnterszantfibtipa.celcountmentingtorchahardtirantifimost.co have experienced numerous lineup changes throughout its year career, leaving Box as the only remaining original member left in Uriah Heep.

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