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Thomas, St. Travel downtown Biscayne Blvd. Not combmable with any other cfiscounl, promotional oftets or groups. Dadeland Blvd. Packages do not include S Rates are valid through December IS, and are subject to change, availability and cancellation charges. Weekend surcharges additional. Come Join Us! Double Occupancy Min. Ocean Dr. Main Library, W Flagler St; Kelley Lucas and Skot Olsen. It is a ride, not a race.

A challenging, exhilarating , journey by bicycle from Orlando to Miami; Three days. A context in which you confront physical challenge. A context in which you confront what gets in the way of you accomplishing your dreams.

When you do the Ride your life is about something that is uncommon. It takes on a rare, heroic sense of purpose that gives it a strength and a newness that many of us long for. As a result, a whole new self- image can begin to develop. And a whole new sense of excitement about life and what the future could hold for you. That is a great gift to give to yourself. We provide organized training rides throughout the year that Will help you conquer both hills and your doubts.

You have to find the courage within yourself to take the first step. This year, 10, people across the country just like you did it. Where does the money go? How do I register or volunteer? Call today. We will send you a free brochure that explains everything and a registration form. We need volunteers too. It starts with your call.

Space is limited. Bash, Washington Ave, Miami Beach; Kenneth R. Introducta the affordable newyou. Jose Perez-Gurri, Director of Imagos Institute of Plastic Surgery, has founded a program that now makes quality cosmetic surgery affordable for everyone.

With costs that are substantially lower than you would normally pay for 3 the same expertise. Offering everything from face lifts to breast augmentation. From liposuction to tummy tucks. In short, whatever is needed to make you a better you. Call us fora free consultation today. Perez-Gurri, MD, F. Snapper Creek Professional Center S.

Miami Red Lobster, SW88lh St; Getting Your Business on the Web: A representative from local Internet provider NetRunner offers a workshop for businesses that want to go on-line. Miami Storytellers Guld: listen eveiyThursday to legends and tales about the historic Bittmore Hotel and the stars who stayed there.

Roberto Berqja discusses the latest technology in surgery to correct vision. Friday, August 23 Astrology Workshop: Astrologer Phil Sterling discusses charts, birth times, and the effects of astrology on everyday life. Warehaus57, E Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood; Editors' Workshop: The Society of Professional Journalists hosts this workshop for editors, aspiring editors, and writers.

OpefrMike Poetry Night Dig up those old masterpieces or read your works in progress before fellow poetry Tovers. Sunday, August 25 Dead Poet's Society: Poetry lovers are invited to discuss and share favorite arid original works. Call for details. Rove it! Step up to the mike as amateur stand-uppers share original material every Wednesday. Dance Friday, August 23 Drum Dance Theatre: Lumonics hosts an evening of drumming, dancing, and mind-altering electronics led by guest-percussionists.

Every Friday, at pm. Capoeira Workshop: Brazilian dance and percussion master Caboquinho leads a workshop on Angolan- styie capoeira. Today at pm, and Monday and Wednesday at p. Dance classes tonight and Wednesday from to ; dance starts at pm Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables; Sunday, August 25 Dost of Timos: Dance to Latin and ballroom sounds from the Thirties to the present and enjoy a professional dance show each Sundry.

Israeli Dancing: Learn traditional dance moves from this rich culture. Coconut Grove. This symbol designates surgeons who are certified in the specially of plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and.

Be sure to write your full name and contact number on your ad. It will take up to 24 hourj for your introduction to be placed on-line. Each Monday and Wednesday at p. Salsa Workshop: Learn the latest, hottest salsa moves.

Prices and times vary. Latin and Ballroom Dance: Trip the light fantastic while you learn those steps in beginner and intermediate workshops on Tuesday nights. Ongoing Aqua Aerobics: Tone those muscles without working up a sweat every Tuesday and Thursday at pan.

Badminton: Swing that racket and aim for the shuttlecock every Wednesday at pan. Call evenings. Chart Smart Learn charting and boating skills I during the U.

Diabetes Fitness Club: Exercise is vital to your health, so go biking, skating, kayaking, and more while you network and make new friends. For meeting locations and timeSrCafl Hialeah Horse Racing: The ponies pound the turf every day but Thursday at pan.

Hialeah Park, E 4th Ave, Hialeah; Jai Atad: The players grab their cestas and get moving every night except Tuesday mid Sunday. Or catch Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday afternoon matches. Evening sessions at pan. Call for more. Call SAIL for more.. Call for more.. No experience necessary, but own equipment is required. Call ' for more information. Cafl for more information. Skate Tune up your in-line skating technique and learn about skating safety at a weekly instructional dime.

Every Sunday at am. OpenTuesday through Sunday. First ekes free. Trident Rugby Football: Put on your cleats and get down and dirty like the British do every Tuesday and Thursday from to pan. Tropical Park, SW 40th St; With Laser Vision Correction of Nearsightedness.

The remarkable treatment that can help you restore your distance vision to its natural state. Each of our centers is staffed by the leading laser treatment and board-certified practitioners in your area.

To find out if the treatment is right for you, call one of the centers listed below for a free, no-obligation screening with one of our highly trained practitioners. Or, if you prefer, ask us to send you our free video information kit. Call now hr a tree screening ora free video information kit. Look for the opening of our New Day Spa. Dixie Hwy. Weingrod M. San Antonio Children's Carden: Master gardener Jim Potter discusses this garden and its year history of teaching children about horticulture.

Ages eight and up. Every Wednesday at a. Every Saturday at a. Astronomy Programs: Learn about what you see when you gaze at the night sky with scientists from the Southern Cross Astronomical Society, professional observatories, and research centers.

Each third Friday of the month at p. Tours start at a. The house is open Friday through Sunday from a. Meet in the hotel lobby, Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables; Biscayne Park Canoe Trip: Explore the mangrove shoreline of Biscayne Bay and learn about the many marine species that live and grow in our own backwaters. Saturday from a.

Deco Tours: Check out the district at a. Monday through Friday, as the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce gives you the lowdown on the historical, architectural, cultural, and commercial fabric of the community during its walking toms of the area.

Group tours available. Fairchild Tropical Garden Tram and Walking Tours: Visitors can walk or ride and get a glimpse of the rare petticoat palm, the gingerbread palm, and the cannonball tree. Tram tours are every hour on the hour Monday through Friday from a. Walking tours depart at a,m. Monday through Friday and p. For details call the Cosmic Hotline at Our registered Dietitian offers you B lifestyle change you can live with!

Why wait? Get started today! Palm Ave. Roskind, M. No matter what age Honda or Acura you own, maintenance plays an important part in its overall performance. I EXP. Miami location only. Monday-Friday 8am-6pm: S. State Road 7 Hollywood. Lie AR All repairs warranty 6 mos. Carl Eisdorfer, PhD, M. Our dedicated team of specialists are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not just during business hours. For details, call Sierra Club: The Miami chapter offers canoeing, camping, hiking, biking, and snorkeling trips all year.

Call for the details. Every Sunday weather permitting from a. Metrozoo, SW nd St; Tropical Audubon Society: The society offers extensive nature programs throughout the year, including bird watching and native tree identification events. Call for a complete schedule. No purchase necessary. Just punch in your credit card number and pick up your tickets at the theatre.

Use them to call MovieFone. WAY UP! Jeffrey Wright is absolutely brilliant. Christopher Walken is mesmeric. Very Spontaneous.. An Eloquent Film. It will make sparks fly. Julian Schnabel, also a painter of considerable renown who rose to prominence long before Basquiat in the SoHo art scene, wrote and directed the new film Basquiat, starring Jeffrey Wright as the dreadlocked enigma of the title.

Schnabel presumably knew the controversial artist better than most; they were simultaneously friends and rivals. You never get the sense that Schnabel fully buys the notion that Basquiat was too young, too talented, too beautiful, and too sensitive for his own good. Schnabel stand-in Oldman is just one of a half- dozen stars with a hip cachet who have lent their names and talents to Basquiat.

It took three months for director Boro Draskovic and his crew to secure permission from Croatian, Serbian, and United Nations officials just to film one ten-minute, helicopter-borne camera shot of the destruction. Optimism, hope, and a giddy sense of freedom sweep through Eastern Europe as the Berlin Wall crumbles and takes most of communism with it. The fact that he is Serbian and she is Croatian troubles no one close to the couple. But many outsiders are not so tolerant; on the way from the wedding to the Continued on page 58 Vukovar.

All flights Reserved. Toma gets called away to serve in the Yugoslav army. The The former Yugoslavia explodes into ethnic violence, sucking Anna and Toma into its vortex. Draskovic takes pains to balance the blame for the strife in his homeland; his objective is not to point fingers at one side or the other, but to rail against the insanity of war by putting human faces on the tragedy.

Despair is a tough sell at the box office; Vukovar evokes that emotion as intensely as any war movie ever made. Openings Basquiat R : Reviewed in this issue. Foxfire R : Four adolescent girls who attend the same school rally around the enigmatic drifter who crashes their biology class.

The Island of Dr. Moreau PG : Who better to play a nut running loose on a remote island than eccentric part-time Tahitian resident Marlon Brando? His heftiness stars as the Doc of the title, a mad scientist whose gene-splicing experiments go horribly awry. Tears and female bonding dominate the menu. Vukovar U : Reviewed in this issue. Ongoing The Adventures of Pinocchio G : Modem animatronics spruce up the classic tale of the kindly puppet-maker Geppetto and his hand- carved progeny. Alaska PG : Two kids and a baby polar bear share an adventure in the Alaskan wilderness.

Right and becoming a legitimate star. The story is pure schmaltz, but the film re-creates the atmosphere of the arts and showbiz life in Havana during the wild and woolly Twenties and Thirties.

With Dennis Miller as a down-and-out detective and Angie Everhart as a madam with bite. The tight-lipped Reeves proves surprisingly endearing; too bad the same cannot be said for the preachy, convoluted, credibility- defying plot. Courage Under Fire R : The Pentagon reassigns an armored tank commander Denzel Washington to a desk job in the awards and decorations department after he mistakenly blows up one of his own tanks during the Gulf War.

Eraser R : Ahnuld plays a U. This being a Schwarzenegger flick, the need arises often. Robert De Niro playing an unhinged stalker. He headlines this horror-comedy homedy? House Arrest PG : A couple of suburban kids lock up their bickering and about-to-divorce parents, and refuse to let the folks out until they reconcile. Combine those with the lushest, most stunningly vivid colors and realistic character movements of any animated feature ever, and you could have had a Hunchback for all ages.

Jack PG : Robin Williams kids around. Phenomenon PG : John Travolta as an ordinary small-town guy who sees Forrest Gump one too many times and becomes a genius. Just kidding!

Alain Delon stars in this re-release of the French film about an American serial killer in Paris. Most important, the film provides yet another vehicle for hard-body mom Demi Moore to indulge her exhibitionist tendencies.

Supercop R : Jackie Chan returns to U. A Thin Line Between Love and Hate R : Martin Lawrence plays a freewheeling bachelor nightclub owner whose casual declaration of love to a girlfriend results in a near-fatal attraction.

Jackson accused of gunning down the two white thugs who brutalized his ten-year-old daughter. With Kevin Spacey as the ruthless prosecutor. Twister PG : Jaws with a twist. Dude Hwy. W th St. Pines Blvd. All times p. A indicates a movie that opens this week. AH movie times are subject to change without notice; please call individual theaters or fiLM a free service to confirm.

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Ride One - get the mush up Goro - gear Brooklyn - with all my hearth Mathematics - rhode runna Nookie - get down. Sabre — Paparazzi Dub 4. Icicle — Ice Cold Dub 9. Survival — Sleeper Dub Alix Perez — Resolution Shogun Dub Break — Surroundings Symmetry Dub Icicle — Untitled Dub Break — Heads Up Metalheadz Dub Alix Perez — Vanguard Dub Break — Combination Style Metalheadz Dub Alix Perez — Crooklyn Dub Common feat Dwele — The People Geffen.

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Pendulum — Blood Sugar Breakbeat Chaos 7. Muffler — The Game White Drum Cypha — Bone Crusha White Current Value -??? From mix "Dylan - Therapy Sessions Artifical Intelligence - Switch Off 3.

Logistics - Together 4. Kay - Serenade 6. Psidream - Evil Genius 3. D Struct - Merkaba 4. It was formally described and named in The dinosaur with the longest spikes was Loricatosaurus, a genus of herbivorous stegosaur that lived million years ago in what is now England.

As fossils, these spikes, set on the tail, are 1 m 3 ft 3 in long but may have been covered by a horny sheath,. They were probably used as weapons and perhaps also utilized to attract mates. A fossil of the diminutive species discovered at Chaoyang in Liaoning Province, China, in is estimated to be million years old. It lived million years ago during. It is currently known from three specimens, the largest of which measures 11 m 36 ft in length and weighs 6.

By mpariso n, the ne modern ck of a -day gir affe con seven bo tains on ly nes and is just tw aslong a ice s its bod y. The carnivorous marine reptile Liopleurodon grew to 25m 82 ft in length. It had a short neck, a 3-m-long ft head and four powerful ippers. It lived in the Mid to Late Jurassic period, some million years ago, but was not technically a dinosaur; it belonged to an order of reptiles called Sauropterygia.

Plesiosaurs were divided into two distinct suborders: the short-necked Pliosauroidea, which included Liopleurodon, and the long-necked Plesiosauroidea. Copies of the treaty are made on silver tablets in both Akkadian cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphics. The existence of feathers on this dinosaurs wings i.

A fully grown adult, the specimen measured some 1. It is roughly m ft long on each side and 50m ft tall. Shortest living cat height A nine-year-old female Munchkin cat named Lilieput measured 5. It is also superb at leaping, thanks to its powerful, muscular hind legs. Despite its name, it is of European-American origin. It trait f fetch o s n e o m ga to walk trained. She averaged three mice per day until her death on 20 Mar There is a myth impossible in reality, but encouraged by its typical brown tabby colouring and abundant fur that it resulted from matings between semi-wild cats and raccoons.

The Maine Coons robust health and companionable, lively personality has ensured its popularity as a family pet for well over a century.

It will continue to be used into the 21st century. FAST FACTS Palaeolithic humans in east Asia domesticated dogs about 15,years ago by breeding aggression out of wolves Cats were domesticated atleast 9,years ago, probably by being given food in return for helping to control rodents.

Tallest female dog. After her death, Toby was looked after by three servants. He lived in Otsego, Michigan, with Denise Doorlag and family. They are inaugurated to honour the god Zeus. This hybrids father was a fertile male donkra a rare hybrid, resulting from a male donkey mating with a female zebra.

Four types of the breed exist, the largest of which is the Valdichiana Chianina, found on the plains and low hills of Arezzo and Siena. Bulls average 1. Rasputins : black appearance distinctive hite w d an er ld totheshou ular This partic il. Although widely distributed in the wild across Eurasia, the species is critically endangered in certain European countries.

It can live for eight years in captivity. He wrote: Many years ago I saw in the Zoological Gardens [of London] a curious triple hybrid, from a bay mare, by a. It became the pet of mammalogist.

The distance between the tips of his horns measured 1. Largest horn span on a steer living : 9ft9. Longest horns on a steer: 10ft 4. Longest horns on a bull: 4ft 6in 1. Longest horn on a sheep: 1. With an estimated capacity of 17, people, the theatre is in the round, with stone rows built up a slope overlooking the stage.

Until then, the mountain pygmy possum had been known to science only from fossil remains dating back 20, years and was thought long-extinct. Almost 30 species are currently recognized. Once a common species, its numbers have fallen owing to deforestation, specimen collection for the pet trade and poaching for food.

He kept it in his royal gardens and menagerie at Munich in. Germany, where it lived until at least , by which time it was very old. This species was native to Runion, one of the Mascarene Islands in the Indian Ocean, but the last account of wild specimens there dates from the s. Largest empire by percentage The Achaemenid aka Persian Empire accounts for around Largest naval battle In September, the Battle of Salamis takes place off the coast of Greece, near the port of Piraeus.

An estimated , men are divided between vessels in the defeated Persian eet and in the victorious eet of the Athenians and their allies. First history book The History of the Peloponnesian War, by Greek politician Thucydides, is the earliest work to try to recount and understand pastevents.

Its eight books detail the political and military developments of the war between Sparta and Athens. No one likes to be called a big mouth but in the case of Bernd Schmidt DEU , its actually a record-breaking compliment! Named after its shape, the stapes or stirrup bone is one of three auditory ossicles tiny bones in the middle ear. The others are the malleus hammer and incus anvil. The skin has three layers: the outer, waterproof epidermis; the dermis with hair follicles, blood vessels and sweat glands; and the subcutis or fat layer.

Skin, which protects all other organs and body systems, and regulates temperature and moisture, is itself an organ.

The aorta wall is very elastic, allowing it to pulsate in rhythm with the heartbeat and helping to propel blood around the body. The vena cava, which returns blood to the heart from the rest of the body, is the largest vein, with a diameter of 1. The heart is made of involuntary muscle, so it works all by itself all the time. Beating , times a day, it clocks up 3 billion beats over an average lifetime.

Besides the aorta, the pulmonary artery is the other main artery, carrying de-oxygenated blood only to the lungs.

The femur supports the bodys whole weight in all activities, from standing to extreme sport. The American College of Sports Medicine states that, in a healthy adult female, it can support more than 30 times the body weight! Sesamoid bones are bones that act like pulleys in the complex arrangements of tendons around some joints.

Most are only a few millimetres wide and shaped like eggs or sesame seeds the name sesamoid comes from sesamum, the Latin for sesame seed. The bodys largest is the patella or kneecap, which protects the ends of the femur and tibia shin bone where they meet at the knee joint.

The liver is divided into four parts, or lobes, of differing size and shape. As well as being the largest internal organ see below right , the liver is also the bodys largest gland. Glands secrete substances such as hormones and release them into the bloodstream; in the case of the liver, it secretes bile, which helps us digest fats.

The inside of our larger bones have a spongy appearance. Its between the microscopically thin walls of this honeycomb-like material that marrow is found. Three pairs of extraocular muscles in the orbit eye socket anchor each eye, moving it up and down and side to side, and rotating it.

Blood vessels and nerves run through our bones. Red and white blood cells are formed inside bone, then carried around the body via the bloodstream. Chi femu tly red; in l low. A ded, with an growing fa ssively its owner, re og pr g min words beco e. And on 10 Oct , Alle Tattoo arranged the most people to form a tattooed sentence: They spelt out Step by step together for a world of peace happiness family passion art love tattoo and music. Charlotte Guttenbergs USA tattoos cover She told GWR that her gallery began with a tattoo of a buttery, a birthday present to herself in Since then, and about 1, tattooing hours later, Charlottes body art has burgeoned into oral and animal imagery, symbols from Shintoism and an emperor dragon winding around her leg.

While her inspiration is Japanese culture, she has added a few details of her own, such as delicate Victorian mittens. She plans tocontinue with a full head tattoo, a secret garden below her hair. First use of a crossbow The use of a crossbow is documented for the rst time at the Battle of Ma-Ling in Linyi, China.

It is probably a single-shot weapon held with a pistol-style grip. Insects: As of the same date, Rico also had insect tattoos on his upper body and head. He now push bounda es the ries of hislayeri tattooing with ng conce pt. Largest group of life-size statues A group of 6,, life-size clay soldiers and other gures later known as the Terracotta Army are created for Emperor Qin Shi Huangdis tomb near Xian in China.

They will be discovered in Most extensive skull implant using 3D printing First skull and scalp transplant Following treatment for leiomyosarcoma a rare form of cancer , James Boysen USA was left without the top of his skull. Most transplanted organ In the most recent year for which statistics are available the kidney was the most widely transplanted organ. According to the Global Observatory on Donation and Transplantation, 79, kidney transfer operations.

According to the same source, in Norway was the country with the most transplanted organs per million population. More than 95 organs were transplanted per million citizens. As of the same year, Spain was the country with. The aim is to enable direct attachment of prosthetic limbs to residual bone, rather than strapping them to the limb as a whole. Bionic brain prosthesis The hippocampus is the part of the brain that forms and stores long-term memories. First battery An unknown inventor in what is now Baghdad, Iraq, discovers that by placing a copper cylinder and aniron rod in a ceramic pot lled with acid, it is possible to generate around 1.

There, he conv withhu erses man mu seum-g through oers a laser-sc anned copyof ProfBert olt Meyers own face. The breakthrough opens up the possibility of repairing brains damaged by diseases such as Alzheimers. The prosthesis uses electrodes to record both from the input and output nerve bundles of a damaged hippocampus. The input was analysed by an external processor array. This mimicked the way in which a healthy hippocampus functions.

In , the prosthesis. This meant that his head was separated from his neck, a trauma known as internal decapitation. Fortunately, Jaxons spinal cord did not snap. Itcould also transmit tactile sensations i. The hand was implanted in a year-old man who had been paralysed for 10years as a result of a spinal-cord injury. Oldest analogue computer A Greek inventor builds a complex mechanical computer, known today as the Antikythera Mechanism.

The computer is lost in a shipwreck and not rediscovered until Macular degeneration is the most common cause of sight loss in the developed world. In , she survived hip surgery aged years 11 months, making her the oldest surgery patient.

This also made him. Tamae Watanabe JPN, b. Woman to row across any ocean solo Diana Hoff UK, b. Since he has livedin Haifa, Israel. Ms Jones lives in Brooklyn, New York City, where she received her certicate just before her th birthday, which she celebrated with two parties. She is the oldest living person. It will be toppled by an earthquake in 31 BCE. FAST FACTS The study of ageing and the elderly is known as gerontology, from the Greek geron old man and logos explanation Of the 50 people aged or more, 23were born in Japan The odds of you reaching years old are 1 in 10 billion.

Vera Welch, 20 Mar. He was 92 years days old when Homestead of My Dreams came out on 22 Aug As of 4May , there were 49 women in the 50oldest living supercentenarians and only one man. He won: a Tony. Researc h missi on STS-9 returne 5 d space JohnGle p nn to orb ioneer it 36yea eightm rs, onths a nd nine after he days became Americ th e rst an to orb it the Ea On20F rth.

The new Roman Empire will endure for years. Over the next 27 years, she would be joined by eight brothers and sisters. By 20 Jun , with Consolata aged , the nine siblings total age was years 6 days. On 30 Dec , the year-old and her year-old daughter Kathryn Knauss Sullivan USA, had a total motherdaughter age of ! The highest combined age for a living parent and child, meanwhile, is years 48 days, set by Jamaican mother and son Violet Brown b.

Violet is also believed to be the last living subject of Queen Victoria. Three generations to run a marathon At the Tokyo Marathon on 22 Feb , a Japanese grandfather, daughter and grandson, with a combined age of years days, raced their way into the record books. Quadruplets born to the same mother Valentina Vassilyev, who. She also bore seven sets of triplets and 16 pairs of twins. Incredibly, the Bells rst son, Hayden, was born only one ounce heavier, weighing inat 7lb 9oz 3.

Longest Roman aqueduct Roman engineers complete a m-long ft aqueduct known today as the Pont du Gard to supply the settlement of Nemausus present-day Nmes in France with clean drinking water. She joined her great uncle Lionel Barrymore, who boasts two stars, along with great aunt Ethel, grandfather John, grandmother Dolores.

Thats eight gold stars for the family altogether. First documented volcanic eruption Mount Vesuvius erupts, destroying of the town of Pompeii, Italy. The Roman politician and writer Pliny the Younger writes two letters to his friend, the historian Tacitus, detailing the events and their aftermath in great detail.

His shoe size was 37AA, or UK size 36 equivalent to 47 cm For the tallest man ever, see above. Owing to Siddiqas ill health and her inability to stand upright, its impossible to ascertain her exact stature; however, DrDebashish Saha, who performed the measurements, estimated herstanding height to be atleast At Chandra, who was mobile, was shorter than the shortest non-mobile living man, though the opposite is usually true.

After his death, GWR re-opened separate categories for the record. First shopping mall Located in Rome, Italy, Trajans Forum includes a covered market area with shops and ofces setoversixgallery levels.

It is designed by the architect Apollodorus of Damascus. FAST FACTS Hair retains a short-term record of the substances in the bloodstream which is why it is so useful as forensic evidence Of all the mammals, only primates have ngernails The human tongue print is unique just like a ngerprint. Moustache: When measured for Italys.

T in the he bone ngers an s d toes are calledp halange s. First use of gas warfare Persian forces attacking the Roman garrison of Dura-Europos in eastern Syria dig tunnels to try to gain access. They ignite bitumen and sulphur crystals to ll the tunnels with noxious fumes. Oldest travel guide An anonymous traveller writes the Itinerarium Burdigalense, a guide for pilgrims going from France to Jerusalem. It gives recommendations for hostels, inns and stables along the route.

Longest pole-sitting overall St Simeon the Stylite, a Christian mystic and hermit, dies atop the m ft pillar on which he had sat for the previous 39 years.

He came down just once, so that the pole could be slightly increased in height. Wheres Wally? Every year, the Guinness World Records Picture Editors criss-cross the planet in search of the most striking record-holder images. To celebrate the work of our global team of photographers, we present here 10 of our favourite images snapped for the last few editions of the book. These iconic record holders are not only inspiring, fascinating ambassadors for GWR, they also symbolize the diversity and scope of record-breaking.

Thats some feat: the Carolina Reaper is the hottest chilli. In doing so, he topped his own record of scoops, set in the same location on 20Jul at the Gelatiamo festival, an annual celebration of the ice-cream that the Val di Zoldo area produces. When it comes to cones, though, one towers above all the rest.

The tallest ice-cream cone measured 3. The hoard creates a sensation when it is uncovered in Pulled pork: The Pork Association AUS produced a kg 1,lb oz portion of pulled pork the weight of two grand pianos in the Australian city of Sydney on 14 Apr Oldest Viking boats A defeated Viking raiding party buries its dead in a longship on the island of Saaremaa, Estonia. The remains of this ship represent the oldest evidence of Viking seafarers. This gargan Ottavia in was named free pizza ustus, the ug A n Octavia homage to glutenA r.

Oldest family business Buddhist monk Garyo Houshi sets up a ryokan, a traditional inn, in the village of Awazu, Japan, near a spring reputed to have healing powers. The current owner is Houshis 46th-generation descendant. By way of contrast, the reticulated python the longest snake grows to around 6.

The year before, at the same competition, Joe submitted the longest parsnip, which measured 6. Cucumber Ian Neale UK grew a 1. Oldest university The University of Karueein is founded in Fez, Morocco, and remains a seat of learning to this day.

Its specialist subjects are Islamic studies and Arabic linguistics. The bar was gradually introduced in other countries under various names, including Milky Bar and Alpine White. Its thought the cacao was fermented and drank as a mildly alcoholic beverage. Although cacaobased drinks may have emerged centuries before, the earliest recipe for chocolate drink dates from First white chocolate White chocolate was introduced by Nestl in , and marketed in Switzerland under the name.

Cocoa beans are actually seeds from the trees pods below ; after harvesting, the beans are fermented and dried. Highest chocolate consumption per capita Based on annual confectionery sales, no nation eats a greater amount of chocolate than Switzerland. In , the average Swiss person consumed an estimated 9. When completed, the castle covers an area of 18 acres 7. Here we take a look atthebiggest-selling chocolate confectionery brands Brand.

Easter egg In , Le Acciaierie Shopping Village in Cortenuova, Italy, unveiled a chocolate egg weighing 7, kg 15, lb and standing At more than twice the height of a typical London double-decker bus, this eggs-treme creation is also the tallest Easter egg.

Rabbit Some 6, chocolate bars were axed and chiselled into shape to produce a. Bell Bonbons Verdier of SerresCastet in France crafted a gold-coated chocolate bell weighing kg lb 15 oz on 16 Jun The 1. Meanwhile, the Namba Walk mall in Osaka, Japan, made the largest chocolatecandy sculpture in a The coin had a diameter of 1. The outsized confectionery took 22 hr to prepare, after which sculptors Stefano and Tommaso Comelli both ITA spent a further 12hr carving it into shape.

Oldest parliament A great assembly the Althing is held in Iceland, gathering men from all the islands clans to decide on matters of law. The Althing, Icelands parliament, still meets today. He began buying comics as a child and adds and reads around titles a month.

Not at all: the only difference between the packs would be the bundled software. A retailer would therefore only need to stock one of each software pack and Just one machine, yet bo able to satisfy six Individual customers' requirements.

There could be packs based around business, games, video, art. The creation "Trying to match the PC bundles, wtth their 'all things to all men' approach Is one way off reclaiming market share.

Amiga Technologies could then sponsor these new software authors, perhaps setting up their own label to publish the best examples. Some of the bundles could be even more carefully targeted: education could have several sutxhoices. History, etc. Aren't salesmen these days taught to "sell the benefits - not the features"? So when Jo and Joanne Bloggs wander Into their local Escom because they've been told they need a computer, the salesman should first make the effort to discover what they actually need It for and then recommend accordingly.

After all. Amiga Technologies should give them that choice. The High Street dale for release is the end of September. The Gloom Data Disk caters for existing A Gloom owners and features a cornucopia of new levels with 'enhanced' graphics. Last, but not leatt, of the new offerings is Gloom 2 CD The title is going to be changed to sound a bit more exciting, but the game itself will feature the same engine, driving a set of new levels with superior graphics.

The release date has been set for the end of October. Jeremy Rihll. Now that we have successfully accomplished that task, we are working flat out toward finishing the upgrades. It was actually a long time ago - way back in AF but we haven't forgotten what promised to be the best Amiga spreadsheet software ever. It's certainlv something that would show tip expensive software found on the Mac or PC. It seems that alter much testing. Beat that Mr Sony. L eacling Edge, a you tig, dynamic, innovative software developer look set to lie the knot with software distributor Guildhall in a move that should prove lucrative for both parties.

Blitz Basic. We'll have a full five levels of the game on next month's Coverdisk. As a bit of a sneak preview, we can let you know that Bombers will feature 80 levels taking place over seven different scenarios and include four sub 80 levels, seven scenarios, and up to eight- player entertainment. Makes the 5NE5 look a bit poor when all's said and done. Leading Edge have followed the lead set by Acid's Super Skidfnarks and included a Hi-Res 8- player link which will display the whole maze over a serial link with two Amigas and two screens.

We wish ihem luck in their endeavours and look forward to reviewing the finished edition of Blitz BomtxTS. New Net Headache For Europe's tax men Despite the proclamations by Net 'freedom lighters' that dissemination of information is the biggest single threat to die autonomy and continuity of oppressive central government, it seems that an army of Net bargain hunters are transcending their more vocal brothers and sisters in the realm of practicality.

Differences which still exist in taxation and import duties across the Kuropean Union mean thai Net use can put the discerning user in the know about where to go for bargains. Britain's already regularly raid France for booze, the French trespass on Belgium to buy cars and the Germans invade Poland for sausage and just about anything else going. Thai this exposure to die real power of 'market forces' will cause political instability is beyond doubt. Just what effect this is likely to have in an increasingly paranoid world remains to be seen.

Expect it to be a good laugh though. Anyone who upgrades now that Amiga Magic Is here may find this service of use. For more information give Andrew a call on If guilty, sentencing is next Entitled the Pope of Utah, the film satirises the future of TV' evangelism.

The video of the film has been released on the new Screen Edge video label and will be available to buv or rent from the 25th September. The Pofie of Utah is a dark comedy, sports a certificate 18 rating, and will cost For more information, telephone or.

We also put you in the picture this month with our massive monitors supertest. And then there's our Coverdisks which contain 5Mb of excellent programs including the ideal introduction to programming. There's so much in it. Amiga Shopper, November , on sale now! What is your quest? And review games too, of course.

What's in this month's issue? It's got a cool picture of a tough bloke in tights. With a beard. When's it out? Pray you didn't use your last pennies to get AF. Address Post Code. LEI 7 4BA or order by phone on Trade enquiries welcome. The group, formed in January 94, has a couple of dozen members. Spencer contacted us because he would like to see the group grow. It offers a valuable object and attribute finding service, a monthly newsletter and unlimited technical support Beside membership of the group, Spencer is also offering an annual competition with prizes and a free disk with a selection of attributes and objects to new members.

In all, the club boasts a collection of over 3, objects, attributes, bumpmaps and 60Mb of text - all of which are available to club members. For details of how to join this enthusiastic club, phone Spencer on Mb uht upgradeablc Cybervision TV Paint 3 Brilliance 3.

Workbench Amiga Total! File5afc Pro New. DirWork 2 Directory Opus 5. It emulates a baied PC. You can pay by ; Credit Card Visa, Mastercard. What, you know already? Well that's not surprising with so many films and TV programs featuring mind-blowing special FX that have only been made possible through use of new computer technology.

In fact, computer graphics technology is now so sophisticated and realistic that it is all but impossible to tell the difference between live action and computer-generated sequences. Computer graphics have reached the point where if the script-writers and directors dream something up then it can be created by computer and, more importantly, made to took as real or unreal as thev want. One reason for this is the new generation of 3D programs available. However, it isn't just the "big boys" like Industrial Light and Magic ILM or Amblin, with their niulli-m ill ion-dollar rendering farms, that have all the fun - you can grab a piece of the action too.

The next six pages explain the secrets behind stunning 3D graphics, how you can get into it with your Amiga, what programs are out there, what hardware you'll need and even how you can get a job in this exciting industry. The main object was created with the spline editor and the construction effect was created with the Lattice command. So what exactly are 3D graphics and why are they 50 special? Mentioning 3D immediately conjures up images of people wearing multi-coloured glasses or virtual reality headsets.

This is because at ihe moment it is impossible to view images or animations in true 3D on the 2D display of a monitor, TV or cinema screen. So what do we mean by 3D graphics? The term 3D graphics refers to the creative process rather than viewing the result. Instead of drawing images as you would on a canvas or in a paint program, you build objects in much the same way as a sculptor or model-maker would, creating a virtual object with height, width and depth.

One advantage of this is that once you've built an object and want to create an animation you don't have to make an object for each changing frame as you would if you were drawing I two-dimensional image. An object can be rotated, moved, sized and altered in many oilier ways, limited onlv by the abilities of your software. Just as in the real world objects can be given different colours and textures so that they can look more realistic. Anybody who has studied art will recognise the Italian word Chiaroscuro light and dark which describes the relationship between light and shadow- contrast - which can give a picture extra definition, depth and an appearance of solidity.

This is one of the reasons why, even when they are not highly detailed, Blow-by-blow r million pieces. A lensf lare and several null objects make for a spectacular explosion. Lightwave 3D 3. Especially when lighting is combined with moving objects, ihe human brain takes in the shifting shadows in an image, which behave in much the same way they would in real- life, and attributes them to the physical laws it takes for granted with the result that it "sees" the objects as being solid.

The starting point for any 3D project is building the models because you won't have interesting animations without anything to feature in them. Modelling is the most time- consuming in terms of human effort element of a 3D project and many animators see it as a necessary evil and irv avoid it - even if it means paving companies like Viewpoint Creative Labs to supply them. Formerly only available with the NTSC-only Newtek Video Toaster, the stand-alone version of the program has made great inroads in to the European market.

Lightwave's biggest selling-point is its very intuitive interface which takes a cinematic approach to animation, with cameras and lighting set ups that will be familiar to anyone involved in video or theatrical work. Even people who have never used a 3D program before can very often find themselves producing quality animations surprisingly quickly.

This is the ideal choice for someone who wants to get into animation at a professional level quickly because it is ideal for creating flying-logo and space animations. However, at the moment it isn't that hot on character-based animation. Another great help to its success is its use in numerous TV and film productions.

This role has proved that the Amiga is a viable alternative to expensive workstations. Rendered images from Lightwave tend to be very clean and are typified by good lighting effects and by a great deal of over-kill in the lensflare department too! UghtWave 3. S was criticised for not having power tools like inverse kinematics and collision detection built-in.

However, several third-party manufacturers are producing add-ons capable of such work. Version 4 is expected soon and should have lots of new features such as inverse kinematics and a plug-In architecture for adding third-party modules.

However, it was overshadowed by Imagine 2 and now plays second fiddle to Lightwave despite being more powerful. The main problem with Real 3D, especially version 2, is its complicated interface. This is a shame because this is the most powerful program on the Amiga and it has some truly amazing features. Version 3 has addressed some these problems by improving the manual which has made it easier to learn how to use the program.

Real 3D 3's features include the best inverse kinematics of any Amiga 3D program, a large repertoire of primitives, excellent Boolean operators, good spline patch tools, shrink-wrapping which can deform objects with other objects, a powerful particle system and collision detection. In a perfect world it would be ideal to have both Lightwave and Real 3D. However, no matter how time- consuming ii is modelling is an important factor. There are two types of modeller on the Amiga: solid and skin modellers.

The difference between them is that skin modellers create objects that are hollow and only have a skin whereas solid modellers create models that arc solid. Real JD's superb spline tools make creating shapes like these a piece of cake. No, not individuals with sloping foreheads, rather these are basic building blocks for creating a model. These are usually the starling point for most models because the best wav of modelling is to start with a simple shape and then add more and more detail.

While not very complicated by themselves, or particularly visually inspiring, these simple shapes can be joined together or used to remove pieces of each other to form more complicated objects. This process of addition or removal ' is accomplished through Boolean p operators. These use Boolean logic to create new shapes from intersecting objects. For example, the And Boolean operator removes all parts of the objects operated on that do not overlap.

The Or operation does the exact opposite and effectively combines objects. There are other ways to create complicated objects from simple shapes. However, you might have to wait quite some time before actually teeing the fruits of your labour, because rendering can be a lengthy process.

If you intend to get into 3D seriously you need the patience of a Buddhist monk - or a fast machine. There Is but one rule when considering what Amiga system you need to work In 3D and that's to buy the fastest machine and as much memory as you can afford. As an ideal starting point you should have a machine with an processor, an FPU and at least 6Mb of memory.

If you are thinking of getting into professional 3D work, then you should go for a system with a bit graphics card, an or preferably an processor, 16 to 32Mb of RAM and, at least a 1Gb hard disk.

Tobats Richter. Extniding and Swinging flat objects and profiles. Extniding objects sounds painful, but it is simplv a matter of taking a flat object and moving it along a pre-defined path and having it replicate itself a set number ol limes. Each of these replicas are joined together so that a new solid object is created.

To illustrate this, you could take a circle and ex I rude it along a path to create a tunnel. I low ever, the tunnel doesn't have to be straight because it follows the path you set for it which can Ik- curved or even loop back on itself.

Most programs also have a function that allows vou to scale the object as it moves along a path which. Sweeping and Swinging are similar to Extruding an object. The diflerenee between Sweeping and Extniding is thai while Extniding moves a profile or object along a path Sweeping rotates a profile around a path. A classic example of this is i reating a wine glass where vou need only draw- its profile and then rotate it degrees around a vertical path or axis , thereby creating a complete glass.

Where Sweeping and Swinging differ is that Swinging uses another path to Control the scaling of the profile. However, while useful, these basic modelling techniques are not the only methods used bv unlay 's 3D programs. Two power tools arc Metaballs and Spline patches. Metaballs is a tool that can be used create rounded and lumpy objects such as, er Spline patches are available in most programs and are created from several curves joined to create a mesh, which is very smooth and is excellent for creating organic and aerodynamic shapes.

After you have finished modelling your objects you may find thai ihev are a little lack-lustre because they will appear plain and not vcrv realistic. This is where texture-mapping can be used to liven up your objects and make them appear more realistic.

These are like surfaces - a bit like a wood veneer on a table - they cover the object and give their appearance. Texture maps come in different flavours, the most commonly known of which is the colour map.

This is simplv a image which can be wrapped around an object to give it its colour. U sing this feature you can give objects a stoney. This image will be used by the program to add changes to the height of an object's surface - the lighter a pixel is the more raised this area will be and the darker the more recessed it will be.

Although bump maps and colour maps are the type of texture maps most often used there are plenty of others. This image from the Imagine Enhancer CD shows what can be done with rendered and photographic images. Imagine i Imagine has enjoyed a long run as the Amiga's most popular 3D package and evidence of its popularity can be found on the AmiNet where about 80 per cent of the images have been created in Imagine.

However, some have found Imagine 3 a little disappointing because its interface hasn't improved very much and many of the new features are a little difficult to use and not very well explained in the manual. Nonetheless, Imagine 3 has still retained a high level of popularity despite stiff opposition from Real 3D and Lightwave.

Version 3 has plenty of new features, including a relatively powerful particle system. One of Imagine s strongest features are its excellent modelling tools that are great for making both precise mechanical objects and organic shapes. There are now three separate modelling editors; the Spline editor for creating smooth text, the Detail editor for general modelling and the Forms editor for creating organic objects. Imagine is still a force to be reckoned with and should get some extra fire-power with the imminent release of version 3.

Imagine 3. Vista Pro enables the user to pick a point on the landscape as a target and another for the viewpoint and then render the view.

The images that can be generated with a little skill and good placing can be extremely beautiful and quite realistic. However, if you are not content with rendering the real world or fractal landscapes, a utility called Terraform is available for creating your own landscapes.

Vista Pro also has a program called MakePath for creating animations. Most of these have obvioul functions, aside from clipping maps which clip objects to match their outline. Bv combining these mapping methods almost anv surface can be mimicked, from the surface of a pond to the festering hide of a repulsive space alien. There are also several methods of applying these textures to objects, such as spherical, tubular, cubic and planar.

However, the most powerful method is spline mapping which bends a texture to the contours of an object and then fixes it there, so that if the object bends, shrinks, crinkles or stretches the texture does the same. Sometimes, ordinary texture maps do not do a sufficient job. This can be the case when dealing with large objects and camera close-ups when images that have been mapped on to an object can appear pixellated or distorted.

The solution is to use procedural textures also known as mathematical or algorithmic textures. These are textures that arc defined mathematically and can be w altered by changing a few numerical rallies. Their advantage is that they can be resized Infinitely and remain smooth - no matter how closely you zoom in. A good set of procedural This imago shows the Importance of lighting. The blue tinge on the bottom of the space station is the result of a light faking the radiosity of the planet's atmosphere.

This is where 31 programs really get to strut their stuff with powerful tools and novel interfaces. In recent years most packages have almost universally accepted key-framing as their main animating system.

This works by the user moving, rotating, scaling or otherwise changing an object in stages and recording that stage as a key-frame. The beauty of this system is that the computer does all the hard work bv working out the frames needed to link these kevTraincs.

This is when the big guns come into play and where most of the cutting- edge of 3D technology is. A good example of this is trying to create a realistic animation of a pool-break. This presents several problems, including having to individually control several balls and making litem bounce oil the sides of the table and each other in a realistic fashion.

The tool von need to do this, without spending hours key- framing, is collision detection. This method uses the laws of physics to simulate the motions and interactions of each object A tremendous example of this is Real 3D 2 '. Another important factor is trying to make articulated objects, like people and machinery, move in a natural way.

In most programs objects move independently so if you build a model of a human and then move one limb the others remain in the same position. Parenting objects and rotating them can help, but the movements are still not perfect Yep, you guessed it, there is a way around this too. Inverse kinematics is a technique that makes object "stick" to each other so that as they move they drag objects that arc attached with them.

Once again Heal 3D 2 and 3 are blessed in this department, possessing the most powerful inverse kinematics system. Imagine 3 also has a rather cumbersome system and the belated LightWave 4 should also feature inverse kinematics. This is where particle systems arc indispensable because thev enable you to control large numbers of objects at once, usuallv by defining the forces that affect them. The final step in anv 3D project is rendering the scene you have created.

Now is actually a good time to be looking for a career in 30 graphics because there b a chrook shortage of good animators, especially in the games sector. But how do you get in on it? Well, the first thing you need to do is get a demo reel together - a collection of your best animations on video that can be seen by potential clients or employers. This can then be sent in to games companies or agencies, a great number of whom advertise monthly in our sister magazine.

This example image shows the power of texture mapping. This is the process of making all of ihe objects appear real by calculating ihe way they should appear given their sellings. Although the most common method is rav I racing, where every ray of light is traced from each light source, to the objects and back to your eyes the camera , nearly every program has its alternative methods.

Many of the programs can also add post effects such as lens flares, glowing surfaces and fog. These are great for generating special FX and can add atmosphere to rendering that can often appear artificially sterile and clean. Enea — Take it Away [Liquid brilliants] Msdos —??? Dj Clart — Illusions [ldnb dub] Cj styles — Phase Shift [ldnb dub] Flaco and Glen Eston and Dave owen — Get on the floor [??? Bmk — Jazz tone qumulus roll a phat one remix [ldnb dub] Soul Connection — Just be Yourself [???

Mortem — Stratos [im. Joe Syntax — Signal Drop [Med school] Jaybee — Wassup Now [??? Dj clart — Rigel 6 [im. Abstract Elements — Elements of Time [exit] Seba — Vanity [warm communications] Paul B - Promo Mix Tracklist: Breakage feat. Kubrak - Time Moves On Hybris - Keeping Me Wilkinson - Overdose Subwave - Ubik Gemini - Without You Xilent -Multishapes Rido - Exoplanet Commix - Double Double Paul B - Bayawak Y - Mystic Sunset Clarity - Knowledge Promo Tracklist: Skeptical - Refraction [Ingredients] Kodo - The Jackal [Ingredients Dub] Skeptical - Catch 22 [Inneractive Dub] Clarity - Forensics [Blackout Dub] Aphonic - Under The Truth [Dub] Synkro - Prologue [Dub] Kemal - Bleed [Negative] Clarity - Terminology [Nu Directions Dub] L 33 - 60 hertz [Dub] Data - Sentinel [Blackout Dub] Seba - Nightrider [Nu Directions Dub] Dub Phizix - Domepiece [Ingredients] Clarity - Fingerprints [Nu Directions Dub] Clarity - Head Rush [Dub] Synkro - Summer Blues [Dub] Kabuki - Exhibit K Commix - Untitled FD - Stripped Ed Rush - Sabotage - Metalheadz Jubei - Gateway Xtrah - Arise - Subtitles Dub Spectrasoul - In Profile Synkro - Questions Forthcoming Styrax Stickman - Always Gone Dub Stickman - Known Dub Dizzle - Decay Forthcoming Black Acre Biome - Tunnel Dub Indigo - Nevaeh Dub Think - Untitled2 Dub Biome - Swan Forthcoming Mindset Fathom Audio - Proximity Recordings podcast Tracklist: Dub Subterra - Gutter Mouth - Nu Directions Keza - Write Off -???

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Maya Millers VIP Heavy Tone Voyager 2 Rhizaria Diehard Panic Mode Xiphactinus VIP Rimless Puzzle Water Line with Makoto You'll be over You'll be over Dubstep VIP Untitled Y Remix ] Vicious Circle - Snorkel [ S.

Y Remix ] Siren Dub Y - Legion - Metalheadz Y - Silent Sleeper - Medschool Y - Surge [ DUB ] Y - Sabotage [ DUB ] Zero 7 - In the Waiting Line [ Bootleg ] Logistics - Gang Colours - Hospital records Y - Pressure Drop - Shogun Audio Dakosa — Zero Hour [Soundium X] Y — Save Me [Free] Spectrasoul — I Was 10 [Shogun Audio] Theory — Weirdos [Translation Recordings] Pessimist — Abstract [Ingredients Records] Raiden — The Viper [Offkey] Spirit — Set Up [Ingredients] Icicle — Nausea [Shogun Audio] Hybris — Bossa Nouveau [Blackout] Amit — Doomed Youth [Commercial Suicide] SpectraSoul — Mimic [Subtitles Music] Remembrance — Dream Water [Lifestyle] Ingredients Podcast vol.

Kodo - Abstractions vol. Jaybee - Dark Day's Night [Translation] Kemal - Bleeds [Negative Recordings] Spirit - Stone Cold [Renegade Hardware] Dubtek - Process [dub] Amoss - Severance [Inside Recordings Dub] Hunchbak - Second to none [Different Dub] Kodo - Affirmative Action [Vampire Dub] Kodo - Fading Moon [dub] Nether - Glacial Dub [dub] Seba - Dont you love me anymore?

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Digital - Deadline Dub Phizix Bootleg Skeptical - Cold One Jubei Remix Villem - Splinter In Your Mind Villem - Splinter in Your Mind Mistical - Mistical Soulution Foreign Concept - Jaipur Psylence: Skeptical - Blue Eyez ST Files - Crackden Sato - Detroit lies Bleeding Untitled - untitled Skeptical - untitled Ingredients Spirit - Dream demon Photek - Sidewinder Dub Phizix - Domepiece Ingredients Sato - Glide Ingredients Digital - Termite Krakota - Myself Ingredients Untitled - Dispatch Recordings Spinline "Artificial" - Dispatch Recordings Eastcolors - Things Inside Dub Enei - I Can Take Dub B Cloud - Deep Minimal Dub Sinistarr - Anti Personnel Creative Source Cinematic - Structure Icon Recordings Joe Syntax - Slingshot Allsorts Mutated Forms - Wastegash Grid Joe Syntax - Unified Hospital Lenzman - Lasers Metalheadz Mikal - Come get some Data Rework [Dub] Initial - Chasm Data Rework [Dub] Broken Silence - Headcracked [Silk Dub] Original Ninja - Scum content [Dub] Broken Silence - Whatever u say [Silk Dub] Data - Formless [Horizons Dub] Data - Prowl [Inside Dub] Hibea - Sabbath [Dub] Nulpar - Trouser threat [Absys Dub] Fade in the mix Fathom - Clear the mist [Dispatch Dub] Mortem - Future [Dub] DBR UK ft.

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