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My New Life. Our Lady of the Well. Look at the Sun. Rock Me on the Water. Song for Michael. Permanent Change. People Get Ready. So Far Away. Fire and Rain. Think His Name. Excellent Glenn A Baker bio on Rivers. Johnny Rivers: Vocals, guitar and producer. Glen D. Frank Kinsel: Backing Vocals tracks: A2.

Jerry Scheff: Bass tracks: A2. Ronnie Tutt: Drums tracks: A! Glen Townsend: Lead Guitar — tracks: A1. Clydie King: Backing Vocals track A5. Rita Coolidge: Backing Vocals track A5. Vanetta Fields: Backing Vocals track A5. Charlie D. Michael Amilius: Voice [Talking] track A6. There is very little on this band online. At the risk of sounding twee I will say that in some ways knowing nothing about a band can be a good thing. The music has to stand on its own.

This is, perhaps, how it should be but popular music is more than just music, as has been proven many times. Lead vocalist and bassist, Greg Hollister, had been in rock bands "The Silver Caboose" and , "Anthem" who released an album in and then went on to tour and do sessions in the 70s and 80s. He is currently in the band Marco de Sade.

That's about it on history. Artwork … make up your mind yourself but, in this age, charges of sexism would be levelled … especially regarding the back sleeve. The hand on the fly is a giveaway. Then again the album is called "Getting Off …", what did you expect? But, to be fair, the late 70s was littered with hard rock, power pop and pub rock sleeves like this. A sign of the times? We are better than that now?

And our music is better also? The Rockspurs seem to be another rock band jumping on the skinny tie new wave, power pop. That said, this album was released in the very early days of new wave rock in whilst their first self titled album was released in and apparently is more of the same and, accordingly, the band gets kudos for being earlier than the opportunistic efforts by latter-day "power-pop" bands.

They also have strong vocal harmonies, sometimes sounding like power pop if it was done by The Four Seasons. Jerky hook laden pop with harmonies.

The musicianship is strong and there is a bit of humour and "street" attitude. Power pop fans will, ultimately, get into this like this as there are a few good power pop songs, and there is that evocative artwork which reflects power pops musical obsessions with girls, love, sex, and good times.

I have a lot of power pop and I'm not a singular power pop fan … I will tape a couple and sell. But … you never know …. Dream Love. You're With Me Tonight. Red Light Runner. I had no knowledge about this band till now. They weren't on my radar and that's strange because the 80s and the 90s were the decades I spent a lot of time searching out new non-mainstream sounds, especially from the US. I have high hopes for this. The band are American, look vaguely cowpunk-ish, are on a indie label, and have a cool name.

Cause for concern is that it is , a little after the cowpunk genre had peaked, it was recorded in New Jersey not that there is anything wrong with that but most cowpunk came from California and they look quite slick. The concern is mainly ill founded. The Brandos are a roots rock band who have their roots in power pop and indie rock from the west coast.

While skimming through the Village Voice, Kincaid saw an ad from the group Soul Attack looking for another lead singer. Kincaid joined the band and changed their name to the Brandos. The Brandos reaped positive coverage in Rolling Stone and Time; moreover, the video for " Gettysburg " was played often on MTV, a channel that rarely supported artists on indie labels. The Brandos also left Relativity that year to sign with Geffen Records.

In , Frank Giordano vocals, guitar was added to the lineup; the group's fourth LP, Pass the Hat, also appeared that year. The band have a following in Europe and have recorded 13 albums. Lead singer and main songwriter Dave Kincaid has also recorded a couple of solo albums. This debut album would have tickled me back in Listening to it now I still find it enjoyable though what came after it in roots and Americana has tarnished it a little perhaps.

A lot of the roots rock and some of the cowpunk from the 80s sounds quite slick today. At the time though it was anything but. The mainstream 80s, as I have said somewhere else was filled with some of the most dire music ever recorded. The dominant 80s sound ruined everything and was all pervasive.

Even rockers and rootsy folkers from the 60s and 70s put out 80s albums that sounded over produced and slick. The only relief was from the US alternative indie scene … roots rockers, hardcore punk, paisley underground, leftover power poppers and any number of other fringe dwellers.

But, even then, the production techniques were against them. And, music is a job and most well not the hardcore punkers wanted sales and things couldn't get to dirty. The ragged edges of the 70s roots rockers were filled out. There is nothing wrong with this. I loved it then because it was different to the mainstream 80s, had links to American musical traditions and sounded positively confrontational when placed against the 80s mainstream. But, we would have to wait till the 90s for roots, Americana, rock and roll to start sounding rightfully ragged again.

It is sad because ten years later and all these roots rockers would have the perfect mainstream rock sound and would have made a lot of cash. The Brandos may have jumped on a rootsy bandwagon given their pedigree. After Bighorn tanked in , drummer Adamek switched to guitar and fronted the Allies with newcomer Kincaid. The Allies gigged with abandon around Seattle for quite a spell, but Adamek quit the group after they failed to cash in on the buzz surrounding their self-released debut, and Kincaid called it a day in He switched coasts to try his luck in a bigger pond — New York City … The Brandos, in short order, David Kincaid had his second brush with greatness by, cynics might claim, hopping on yet another bandwagon.

During the mid's, numerous American rockers were embracing their ostensible roots: country, folk, blues, and rock 'n' roll played the way God intended — loud and unencumbered.

Perhaps these bands were reacting to the fey, synthesized road rock had taken since new wave supplanted disco in the hearts of the fickle public. Regardless, this "American Music" movement spawned acts as illustrious as the Blasters, Los Lobos, Long Ryders, Del Fuegos, and BoDeans, leading eventually to the acoustic-based "Americana" movement that persists to this day … Anyway, David Kincaid's new band, the Brandos formed with former Allies drummer Larry Mason and members of local New York rockers Soul Attack unblinkingly embraced this burgeoning genre.

The Brandos readily affected the trappings common to bands of this ilk — working-class couture, heroic swagger, and a fetishistic obsession with American history". Their roots rock don't come from a punk, new wave or outsiders background though I think come from Kincaid and a real interest in American musical history and history generally.

Kincaid is sharp and has throaty John Fogerty-like vocals with conviction. The songs were given big rock productions with a tendency to anthemic sounds with over emotion always on display.

The sound is very 90's so it amazing to hear this kind of sound in The Brandos never spent much time in the sweaty trenches with their genre mates. After this albums release they were on MTV rotation, touring the U. I sound like I'm criticizing the band. I'm not. Well, not entirely. The Brandos have the skills, and there is some very angry writing in there and befits the American indie underground of the 80s as well as a couple of well chosen covers every album should have a couple of covers as far as I'm, concerned.

It may be slick roots rock but is sure would have sounded good in the 80s. Produced and arranged by Dave Kincaid. Patchy, but with enough good songs in a genre of music I like … I'm keeping it. Honor Among Thieves. Hard Luck Runner. Walking on the Water. Come Home.

In German. This has been floating around for ages. I had it, I listened to it, I tried to sell it, and somehow it ended back in my "to listen pile". It seems I'm not the only one that thinks this. It had a chart life of 10 weeks and peaked at number Their follow-up single "Woman's World" entered the UK chart on 2 February at number 75 — dropping out the next week … saw the release of their second, and what proved to be, final album, No Tie Like a Present.

The Jags disbanded in ". That's it. There is a massive power pop fan base on line and The Jags first album seems to get reviewed and commented on a lot but a lot of it is just rehash because the band were short lived, a one small hit wonder in England and didn't really have a big, lasting impact. Does this mean they are bad?

No, not at all, music is about enjoyment for us the listener but for the band some longevity, notoriety or substanital success would have helped pay the bills. The Jags were a product of their time but it was a good time.

Both sides of the Atlantic but especially the US were overrun which power pop bands. The Nerrves, The Plimsouls. Strong song writing, nice harmonies, punchy guitars or touches of String Rickenbacker, lyrics about love or love lost make for pretty good toe tapping listening.

I prefer my power pop American because there seems to be more of a tradition to the 60s as opposed to just trying to sound 60s and they also like to mix it up a little and experiment in a genre where bands are not known for their experimentation. Power pop bands tended to stick to the formula a good one though and only experimented on subsequent albums.

Most power pop bands like the Jags did follow up albums in a different styles altogether rather than tweaking power pop by adding to it. By all accounts The Jags had the live chops but couldn't escape the Costello shadow. It should be also explained to American readers that the U. By , Costello had been anointed by the U. The Jags were easy targets as industry newcomers". Guitarists Watkinson and Alder join on vocal harmonies and recall the young McCartney and Lennon and others but they aren't The Beatles and they lack the new-wave anger of Graham Parker, Elvis Costello or and Jackson which was rewuired.

Power pop died pretty quickly on the UK whilst in America its legs were a little longer, just a little. As steam ran out of power pop, the band attempted to change their sound a bit.

They toughened up their sound, toning down the keyboards, amping up the guitars, and ending up sounding more like The Clash. All songs by Watkinson and Alder. This is familiar stuff but done well, and I'm a sucker for some power pop … I'm keeping it. Evening Standards. Party Games. Tune Into Heaven. The Tourist. Desert Island Discs. Woman's World. Back Of My Hand. Skip to content. An ethereal landscape?

Hey Miss Lonely — another one cone in the familiar Phillips style but genuinely enjoyable Chorale — one of Phillips wordless songs, though not an instrumental. Have I used the word "ethereal" yet? A mix of Catholic chorale and Eastern traditions. It is meant to open the mind I suppose … all seven and a half minutes of it. Side 2 Parisien Plight II — The song starts with mood and percussive sounds combined with sound effects monkey chattering, exotic birds chirping before going off into a funky beat.

If Woodstock had of been held on the West Coast of Africa instead of in upstate New York you would have an idea of where this is coming from. Thirteen minutes of it. I've always been amazed that an artist with Jackie DeShannon's talent had such a hard time finding a stable label during the s. Pairing her with Capitol should have been a sure thing, but the partnership only lasted for about a year which equated to one album and a pair of obscure singles.

To my ears the mixture of covers and original tunes made for one of her most likeable sets. That said, today the album's largely unknown outside of a circle of hardcore fans. Gifted with one of those instantly recognizable voices, this time out DeShannon seemed determined to expand her repertoire beyond top pop with a mix of stripped down ballads 'Sunny Days' and 'Salinas' and some surprisingly hard hitting rock tracks 'Bad Water' and a rockin' cover of the old gospel classic 'Down By The Riverside'.

While it may not have appealed to all of her old fans, to my ears the results proved surprisingly impressive. Elsewhere one of the most interesting tracks was the ballad 'Show Me'. Produced by Chips Moman, the song was apparently salvaged from an earlier album that had been abandoned. Personal favorite was the spare ballad 'West Virginia Mine'.

Lyle - 2. I'll readily admit to a built in bias in that I've always felt Jackie DeShannon was one of the country's best and most overlooked singers and her debut for Atlantic is a lost classic which you can still pick up cheaply.

The partnership held considerable promise as the deal apparently allowed DeShannon significantly more artistic freedom than earlier contracts. The results were clearly reflected on her label debut.

While DeShannon had always been a capable singer, too often she'd allowed producers to dictate the results. Wexler and company certainly influenced the recording sessions, but credit DeShannon's decision to showcase her own material. Tracks like 'Laid Back Days' sporting a killer jazzy lead guitar , 'Vanilla 'Olay' which should have been a massive hit and Anna Karina'' were nothing short of dazzling.

While I'm not going to say this was the equivalent of "Dusty In Memphis" also produced by Wexler , the results were pretty darned impressive. Unfortunately the tracks were subsequently shelved, the only exception being an obscure single:. Yeah, I know the Dusty Springfield comparison drives DeShannon fans insane, but it provides a fairly accurate description of the direction DeShannon seemed to be pursuing on this one.

The fact DeShannon wasn't all but swallowed up by her all-star cast spoke volumes for her talent. Critics weren't particularly kind to the album and sales proved minimal, which was unfortunate since DeShannon's voice was ideally suited for blue-eyed soul like the title track, 'You Touch And You Go', the pretty ballad 'The Other Side of Me', and 'You've Changed'.

DeShannon seldom sounded as vulnerable and playful at the same time. Elsewhere Atlantic pulled a pair of singles off the LP:. I'll be the first to admit it isn't her best album even hardcore fans seem to have mixed feelings about it , but it's one that's readily grown on me the more I've listened to it. Ctalog ID:. Since she had a low singing voice, she could be heard as either male or female. The name stuck. A string of mostly flop singles followed, although "The Prince" bubbled under at No.

DeShannon recorded many other singles that encompassed teen pop, country ballads, rockabilly, gospel, and Ray Charles -style soul that didn't fare as well on the charts. During these years it was her songwriting and public profile rather than her recording career that kept her contracted to Liberty. She also co-starred and sang with Bobby Vinton in the teen surf movie Surf Party. DeShannon's biggest break came in February when she supported The Beatles on their first US tour, and formed a touring band with guitarist Ry Cooder.

Tambourine Man , the debut album of The Byrds. Her music at this stage was heavily influenced by the American West Coast sounds and folk music. It would be three more years before Jackie DeShannon would record the song for herself, on her 'Laurel Canyon' album in She also appeared on the television show Ready Steady Go!

DeShannon continued writing and recording, but it was not until that she scored her next smash single and album, both entitled " Put a Little Love in Your Heart ". The self-penned single co-written with her brother, Randy Myers and Jimmy Holiday sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. Switching to Atlantic Records in and moving to Los Angeles, DeShannon recorded the critically acclaimed albums Jackie and Your Baby Is a Lady , but they failed to produce the same commercial success as previous releases.

In , she was invited by Van Morrison to sing on his album, Hard Nose the Highway singing backup on both the title track and "Warm Love". DeShannon continued to record into the 21st century. Worship Band 2 C.

Victoria 1 C. LaRue 2 D. Rogers 2 D. Hook 3 Dr. John 4 Dr. Cameron 1 G. Smith 1 G. Jocko 1 J. Michael Reed 1 J. Barreto 1 J. Crowley 6 J. Souther 25 J.

Since "You're The Only Dancer" has been out of print for years and the independent label that released it in North America is also long gone, I was delighted to find this UK double album CD release. If you are a Jackie DeShannon fan and find one of these CDs, snap it up. You won't be sorry/5(3).

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  1. Don't Let The Flame Burn Out Written-By – Jackie DeShannon: A2: I Just Can't Say No To You Written-By – Parker McGee, Steve Gibson: A3: Just To Feel This Love From You Written-By – Dean MacDougall, Jackie DeShannon: A4: I Don't Think I Can Wait Written-By – Jackie DeShannon: A5: To Love Somebody Written-By – B /5(11).
  2. Don’t Let the Flame Burn Out Lyrics: You gave me somethin' / I never had / And, baby, I can feel the change in me / But you can't say how long / You'll stay around / I guess I'll just have to.
  3. You're the Only Dancer is an LP album by Jackie Track listing. Track Song Writer(s) Time 1 "Don't Let the Flame Burn Out" Jackie DeShannon: 2 "I Just Can't Say No to You" Parker McGee, Steve Gibson: 3 "Just to Feel This Love from You" DeShannon, Dean MacDougall: 4 "I Don't Think I Can Wait" DeShannon: 5 "To Love Somebody Genre: Traditional pop.
  4. A1 Don't Let The Flame Burn Out A2 I Just Can't Say No To You A3 Just To Feel This Love From You A4 I Don't Think I Can Wait A5 To Love Somebody B1 You're The Only Dancer B2 Try To Win A Friend B3 Dorothy B4 Youre Love Has Got A Hold On Me B5 Tonight You're Doin' It Right. format: vinyl LP, 33 1/3rpm release date: country: EU.
  5. Oh, baby, don't let Don't let the flame burn out Cause light's a sweet emotion Don't let, don't let The flame burn out Words are softly spoken Don't let, don't let The flame burn out Hearts are lost and stolen Don't let it burn out Don't let it burn out Don't let it burn out I know I'm helpless Where you're concerned I see the danger that lies.
  6. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Jackie DeShannon - Don't Let The Flame Burn Out at Discogs. Complete your Jackie DeShannon collection.
  7. Jackie DeShannon, Don't Let The Flame Burn Out PROMO. $ + $ shipping. Jackie DeShannon - Don't Let the Flame Burn original U.S. 12" EP vinyl w/poster. $ $ + $ shipping. 33 RPM Album Jackie De Shannon You're The Only Dancer Rock. $ 0 bids + $ shipping Grading LP Vinyl Records, Jackie Wilson 12" Record Seller Rating: % positive.
  8. Jackie DeShannon (born Sharon Lee Myers, August 21, ) is an American singer-songwriter with a string of hit song credits from the s onwards, as both singer and composer. She was one of the first female singer-songwriters of the rock 'n' roll period. She is best known as the singer of "What the World Needs Now Is Love" and "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" and, as the composer of "When.
  9. Tracklist: Don't Let The Flame Burn Out I Just Can't Say No To You Just To Feel This Love From You I Don't Think I Can Wait To Love Somebody You're The Only Dancer Try To Win A Friend Dorothy Your Love Has Got A Hold On Me Tonight You're Doin' It Right.

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